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Why Surrogate Mothers Choose CSP, Part 2

Why Surrogate Mothers Choose the Center for Surrogate Parenting, Part 2

In Part 1 of our blog about why surrogate mothers choose the Center for Surrogate Parenting, we described how we were inspired to write it after one of our potential candidates listed the many reasons she decided to apply to CSP.

We decided to take this a step further and ask a broader group of surrogate moms on Facebook what their main reasons were for signing on with us. Most of the women cited reasons like CSP’s experience, leadership in the field, references from other surrogates, awesome employees, and professionalism, prestige and integrity.

With their permission, we are quoting the wonderful surrogate moms who replied when asked why they selected CSP. Whatever their reasons, we are so grateful they decided to work with us.


• Jennifer Hansen: In the industry the longest

• Jeannine Theriault: When I looked at the website and saw how many years you had been open as compared to other agencies, I knew right away CSP was the way to go.

• Jen Linderman Van Heesch: I chose CSP because they had the experience and knowledge I was looking for when becoming a surrogate.


• Kelli Hammonds: Because they are a leader in the industry


• Jennifer Hansen: Carole and Kim of course!

• Shelly Marsh: I ADORE Hilary. She is an angel.

• Barbie Marlett: The comforting feeling I got when I had my first contact with Carole Jackson! I knew it would be a perfect fit for and they would take care of me while I took care of someone else.

Professionalism, prestige and integrity

• Kim Fasciano Gaudy: I’m a snob and only deal with the best! Best agency, best-intended parents, and best staff…and of course the best surrogates in the universe. I’m not really a snob in general; but I am a Center for Surrogate Parenting snob! CSP is the best!

• Gabriela Rosario: The fact it’s so professional, supportive, informational, and long standing sealed the deal!!

• Breena Whitcomb: The security of working with an experienced and respected agency. It was a major commitment for my family and me, and I wanted to work with the best. So glad I did…I carried 3 times. Thank you for your support and expertise!

• Julie Anaya-Nally: Professionalism!

• Misti King: CSP was the only agency to be open about everything. Others wouldn’t fully answer questions or would distract from them.

• Michelle Kirkland: Because your website has so much info on it that it was almost overwhelming. Everything was out in the open.

• Susan Wilson: Everyone was so welcoming and professional.

• Erika Herlinger Blumer: I did a lot of research. Finding that CSP was the most experienced & had the most comprehensive program I felt strongly that I was teamed with a highly professional group. I was confident that all aspects would be handled well & I am happy to say that I was right! Twice!


• Kelly Yeiter: I liked the reviews and the support we received from CSP. I can’t imagine using any other agency.

• Melissa Konig: I felt that as a surrogate there would be a lot of support in place for me as I went through my pregnancy. I also liked being reassured that I wouldn’t have pressure to choose my intended parents in haste and I would instead be encouraged to make sure I had a great match (leading to a positive experience for everyone.)

• Nancy Baasch Watts: The support!


• Jeannine Theriault: I knew two people who had been surrogates with CSP.

• Bonnie Bogle Downing: My mom! She signed with CSP in the early 80’s. She led the way for me to become a surrogate and I couldn’t have imagined going anywhere else! CSP has been a part of me for 30 years!

Other reasons

• Jen Hurst: First one that came up when I searched.

• Gabriela Rosario: It’s one of very few agencies to work with Virginia surros.

• Brianna Johnson: I had previously been with another agency and it was horrible.

What were your reasons for choosing CSP? Please let us know!