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Why We Need More Surrogates

Why the World Needs More Surrogate Mothers Like You


Still Haven’t Made a Decision?

Have you thought about becoming a surrogate mother? Been thinking it over for some time now? Maybe you’ve even done some initial research, but haven’t decided to take the next step yet? Well, we’ve provided some information below about why the world needs more surrogate mothers for you to consider.

How You Can Help a Family

There is a huge need for surrogate mothers right now because many families are not able to have babies on their own without the assistance of surrogate mothers. Oftentimes, women have problems with their uterus or are facing risky medical conditions that make it nearly impossible to become pregnant. Everything from sexual orientation, heart disease, hysterectomies, car accidents, paralysis, and other biological abnormalities or diseases can affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant. Many other women have become pregnant in the past, but did not have a successful pregnancy and are not able to hold a child to term. This can be a devastating loss for some families, especially when they want a child so badly.

Even adoption is limited for some families, based on a range of reasons, such as marital status, sexual orientation, or age. Imagine being told that you cannot have a baby because you have a diseased uterus, are gay, or are “too old.” Having children is a joy that most people want to experience, and you may be their last chance at that.

Being denied a child through traditional means doesn’t make a couple want a child of their own any less. They still want to know the joy of parenthood and have found that surrogacy can answer their prayers. Having a healthy, willing surrogate mother like you can provide these couples with a new life.

Feel Great about Your Gesture

You can feel great about your decision knowing that you made a family’s dreams come true. You are giving back to society in a huge way. While there are some sacrifices you will have to make, your generosity and selflessness will mean the world to another family, and can result in some good karma coming your way.

Getting pregnant is something that may be easy for you, but impossible for another family. While you can become pregnant again and continue building your own family if you choose to, the intended parents will never know that feeling without the help of a surrogate. Whether you love children, are the child of surrogate parents, or just like the feeling of helping a hopeful couple create their family, becoming a surrogate can be very personally rewarding. Most surrogates provide stories later about the overwhelming feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment they felt after giving birth and handing the child over to the happy, joyful parents.

Choosing a Program

There are two types of programs available to surrogates:


  • IVF Program (IVF) – In vitro fertilization or gestational surrogacy is when the mother’s eggs are fertilized with the father’s sperm. The embryo is then placed into the gestational surrogate mother’s uterus. She then carries the baby until birth, but the surrogate has no genetic link to the child because her egg was not used.


  • IVF & Egg Donation Program (IVF/ED) – In IVF/ED, eggs from an egg donor are fertilized with sperm of the intended father. The embryos are then implanted into the surrogate mother’s uterus. She then carries the baby until birth, but the surrogate has no genetic link to the child because her egg was not used.


The Center for Surrogate Parenting offers both types of surrogacy programs and can answer any questions you may have about the programs. CSP, LLC has helped surrogates since 1980, has celebrated the birth of almost 2000 babies, and can help you realize whether you are ready to make another family’s dreams come true. We can help you make a decision on whether you should become a surrogate mother and provide more information on the benefits available to you.