U.S.A. Surrogacy Offers Hope International to Intended Parents

Thursday, January 19, 2017
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U.S. Surrogacy Offers a Path for International Intended Parents
For thousands of international intended parents, worldwide, surrogacy has provided a path to parenthood. Some countries such as Germany, Finland, Spain, and France ban surrogacy altogether, while others, like Australia and Canada, allow only altruistic surrogacy, which forbids any financial gain for the surrogate.

Why should international parents consider surrogacy in the U.S.? In addition to excellent medical facilities, infertility experts, and obstetrical care, surrogacy in the U.S. is legal. There are no laws governing the age, marital status, or sexual orientation of the intended parents. And, a child born in the U.S. will have automatic citizenship if he or she shares a biological connection with one of the parents, which opens up the possibility of dual-citizenship status with the intended parents' home country.
For the past 37 years, the Center for Surrogate Parenting has provided a legal, supportive, step-by-step path through international surrogacy for those who live outside of the U.S. Our experienced guidance has led to happy and successful surrogacies for thousands of intended parents from around the world, including gay intended parents.

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Fill Out the Forms

Share your contact information with CSP and details about the intended parent or parents—gender, date of birth, and, if a couple, how long you've been together. Additional information is requested as to whether you are considering in-vitro fertilization or IVF & egg donation, and reasons for seeking surrogacy, along with basic background medical information. We understand these questions may seem personal, but rest assured our process is completely confidential. The information you provide allows us not only to perform a primary screening, but also initiates a preliminary process of matching the intended parents with possible surrogate mothers.


Realistically, we don't expect international parents to travel to the U.S. for the first face-to-face consultation; however, we do offer that option if that is the preference. We provide Skype consultations as an option, completed in one or two sessions, and scheduled at a convenient time.
The initial consultation is important, and introduces intended parents to their CSP case worker, psychological counselor, an independent attorney, and the trust coordinator—the experienced team that offers guidance through the surrogacy process and ensures that all medical, financial, psychological, and legal requirements are met.

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Trips to the U.S.

There are three trips that international intended parents are asked to make to ensure a smooth surrogacy process:

  • Trip 1 follows the matching process with a potential surrogate mother. The trip typically lasts from 3 to 7 days. The intended parent or parents have the opportunity to meet with the surrogate mother to determine if both she and the intended parents feel a connection. If the surrogate and intended parents agree to the match, the surrogacy plans are discussed and then finalized.
  • Trip 2 allows the intended parents to spend 2 to 4 days to participate in the important prenatal process, and an opportunity to see and hear their child for the first time. It is scheduled in the sixth month of pregnancy. The intended parents will attend a physician visit with their surrogate to hear the baby's heartbeat and participate in an ultrasound.
  • Trip 3 is the trip where parents meet their child—delivery day! We suggest arriving at least one week prior to the birth and staying for an additional 10 days following your child's arrival. Within this 10-day period, the parents will secure a passport and birth certificate for their newborn child.

  • A CSP Surrogacy Solution

    CSP offers expert support and guidance through the international surrogacy process. It is our goal that the surrogacy results in an event-free departure back to your home country with your new child in your arms. We welcome questions about our medical and psychological screenings, fees, and legal details to ensure that international parents experience an informed, beautiful, and memorable surrogacy.