Center for Surrogate Parenting, LLC.

Surrogate Compensation

We provide generous surrogate compensation to the amazing women in our program

Our team is always in awe of the generosity and selflessness of each woman who wants to become a surrogate. We believe that these women should be rewarded for changing lives. As a result, our national surrogacy agency offers generous surrogate compensation for the women in our program.

Change lives and earn money from surrogacy

By becoming a surrogate, you can make dreams come true and help build families. However, being a surrogate isn’t just life changing for intended parents. It can also provide amazing benefits for you and your family.

You will earn surrogate compensation that you can use to pay off your mortgage, save for your child’s college education, fund a family vacation or go back to school yourself. You’ll also gain the intangible benefit of knowing you helped bring a healthy baby into the arms of loving parents.

Exploring surrogate compensation at CSP

Compensation varies depending on the state you live in and whether you are a first-time or an experienced surrogate. The useful tool below can help you determine what you could earn as a surrogate in our program. By inputting some basic information, you can instantly receive an estimate of what you might receive as a surrogate.

Keep in mind that you will only receive the full compensation if you conceive and deliver a healthy baby for the intended parents you’re helping.

What else does CSP provide for surrogates?

In addition to surrogate compensation, our national surrogacy agency will cover the expenses associated with your surrogacy cycle. This includes medical insurance (if needed), IVF medications and the embryo transfer. You may receive additional compensation if you require a C-section or have a pregnancy with twins.

We may also cover your lost wages, childcare, travel expenses and other costs related to you serving as a surrogate. You can find more detail in the chart below.

Contact us to learn more about the compensation you can receive when you become a surrogate with our agency. We look forward to telling you more about surrogate compensation.

U.S. Surrogates* US$46,000 - $50,000 * US$51,000 - $68,000
1st Time Surrogate Repeat Surrogate
Insurance Paid if Policy is Needed Paid if Policy is Needed
IVF Medication & Transfer Fee $750 - $1,750 $750 - $1,750
C-Section $2,000 $2,000
Twin $10,000 $10,000
Pumping Fee $200 per Week $200 per Week
Additional Compensation** Additional Compensation**
Lost Wages Actual Net Actual Net
Monthly Allowance $200 $200
Travel Companion Lost Wages up to $150 per day up to $150 per day
Childcare Up to $80 per Day Up to $80 per Day
Mileage Over 60 Miles One Way Over 60 Miles One Way
Travel Expenses Paid Paid
* Compensation is based on location, Employment & Health Insurance Status, other factors
** terms apply