Egg donation for a healthy baby

CSP supports both women and men on their path to parenthood. Egg donation is often part of this path. Together, egg donation and surrogacy offer hope for many people who simply want the chance to at last bring a baby home.

Intended parents might require the use of donor eggs for several reasons

Same-sex male couples
We support all same-sex male couples and single men using egg donation as part of their surrogacy journey.

Females over age 35
Eggs diminish in quality as we age. As a result, females over 35 might need to consider donor eggs. An ultrasound and blood test can confirm if they are a good candidate for using a egg donor.

Parents who have had recurrent miscarriages or failed cycles of IVF
Donor eggs may be considered for parents who have had difficulty conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy.

Cancer survivors
For some females, cancer or cancer treatment can result in the loss of the ovaries or reproductive function. In these circumstances, donor eggs make motherhood possible.

From Ovation® to Celebration

There are a handful of advantages to using Ovation for your egg donation.

Highly-screened, high-quality egg donors
All of our egg donors undergo screening to assess reproductive, genetic, physical, and psychological health. Ovation donors are free from sexually transmitted infections. They also life a smoke-free, drug-free lifestyle. We are incredibly selective about the eggs we accept, and only the top 1% of applicants become egg donors.

Diverse donor base
Ovation actively recruits egg donors from various ethnic backgrounds, with different talents, hobbies, interests, and skills. This makes it easier for hopeful parents to find the right donor for their family.

Complimentary consultation and immediate shipment
Once you select your donor, an experienced Ovation team member will reach out for a consultation. During this visit you’ll share family planning goals so we can help you obtain the recommended number of eggs you’re likely to need, to account for either a single child or a future biological sibling. At this point, you’ll be able to order a personalized lot of eggs for immediate shipment to your fertility specialist.

Simple search process
Register at the Ovation donor portal to view available donors. At any given time we have frozen eggs ready and available to use.

Deciding to Use Donor Eggs

When you decide to pair surrogacy with egg donation, it’s time to begin the exciting journey toward parenthood. Here’s what will happen next.

Selection of an egg donor
Parents can browse Ovation’s extensive donor database, see photos of egg donors and learn about their education, ethnicity, interests, personality, and family background. All donors have been careful screened according to physical, genetic, and psychological health standards and criteria.

Choose your package
Ovation will consult with you about your goals, and help you decide how many eggs you need. Some parents need just enough eggs to have one child, while others want to plan ahead for biological siblings.

Place your order
As soon as you order a lot of frozen donor eggs, they will be shipped to your fertility specialist clinic. When your surrogate is ready, the eggs will be thawed and fertilized with the intended father’s sperm or donor sperm.

Transferring the embryo
The fertility clinic will select the healthiest embryo and transfer it to your surrogate’s uterus. The process might take more than one transfer before a positive pregnancy test results and your journey continues.