Ensuring a successful match.

We've developed a unique and successful surrogate matching process that allows both surrogates and parents to choose each other.

Why our process works

We're intentional in our matching process, and we've found a high degree of success in letting surrogates choose first. We recognize that for many surrogates, having choices and control over the process can make a huge difference. Parents find benefit in only being matched with highly-screened surrogates who have already indicated a willingness to work with them.

We send four to five parent profiles to approximately five surrogates. Each surrogate picks their first choice.

Intended parents review the surrogates who have already chosen them. They can view these surrogates’ profiles and select the one they want to work with.

It's a match! Now we introduce you and help foster the relationship of trust and commitment that will follow you throughout your pregnancy.

  • For Parents

    The pre-match process

    To provide a seamless experience as you expand your family, we offer a straightforward surrogacy process.

    1. Complete our simple online application
    2. Complete complimentary consultation with your Case Manager and sign Service Agreement.
    3. Meet your matching counselor
    4. Work with us to create a profile that includes photos
    5. Your profile will be sent to fully-screened surrogates, and we’ll share which surrogates are interested in working with you
    6. Choose your ideal surrogate from one or more profiles, and schedule a time to meet
    7. Confirm the match, and be guided to an experienced surrogacy lawyer who will draft your contracts
    8. Deposit funds into a trust account to cover all pregnancy expenses
    9. The medical process begins

    Your consultation.

    Your initial consultation will provide you with answers to any and all questions, as well as other informational and educational information around the intricacies of surrogacy.

    To accommodate all parents, we use videoconferencing for a thorough consultation experience from the comfort of your own home. (Please note that due to time differences involved in international surrogacy, your video conference consultation may take place over a two-day time period.)

    When you work with us, you’ll have access to our amazing team of experts and be one step closer to creating your future family.

  • For Surrogates

    Your consultation

    Your surrogacy journey has begun, and to mark this exciting event you'll start with a surrogacy consultation call, either in person or by video. Our team of experts are ready to field all your questions and tackle any concerns.

    What happens next?

    The next step of the surrogate matching process includes education from our experts as they guide both you and the parents. We ask important questions that range from your thoughts about carrying someone else’s child, to what type of communication you would like to have during the surrogacy journey. You and the intended parents will only be paired if you both have the same answers to these questions.

    Once the surrogate matching process is complete and contracts are signed, you can get started on the medical process and fulfill your dream of helping others as a surrogate.