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To be a surrogate is to give the gift of joy to a deserving family. But, it’s also a personal decision that only you and your husband or partner can make, and selecting the right surrogacy agency to work with can make all the difference.

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Choosing an agency when you want to be a surrogate

Become a surrogate

When choosing a surrogate agency, experience matters. Most surrogates want to work with an agency that can get them matched quickly, give them more control over who they help, and that has many resources available to support and protect them emotionally, physically, financially and legally.

Founded in 1980, the Center for Surrogate Parenting has been a leading surrogacy program for 40+ years. This makes CSP the longest-operating agency in the world. With a wide network of surrogates and support resources across the United States, we have the proven processes in place to ensure a seamless and happy experience when you are ready to be a surrogate.

We are large enough to offer you a group of dedicated and experienced surrogacy case managers, counselors and attorneys to support you, as well as your choice of intended parents to work with. Yet, we also provide a wealth of local resources to ensure that you are cared for by expert physicians in your area, with support from other local women who have been CSP surrogates themselves.

Why Choose CSP

  • CSP has been Creating Families®  for decades, and has helped to bring more than 2,700 babies into the world, allowing us to fine-tune our processes to maximize success for surrogates and parents.
  • Through our national surrogacy program, you will receive complete support from the world’s leading fertility experts, including doctors, attorneys and counselors.
  • Because we require that parents fund a trust account before pregnancy, all of your needs and expenses are fully covered before you begin.
  • CSP provides group support meetings all over the country, allowing surrogates a chance to meet and share their experiences.
  • When you become a surrogate, you will have access to your online portal for tracking and monitoring your entire surrogacy process, so you’ll never feel left out of the loop.
  • After you’re approved to become a CSP surrogate, you will be presented with profiles of several deserving parents, so you can choose the ones you’d like to help. You’ll also have a chance to meet them and get to know them before you commit, so everyone is comfortable with the decision to move forward.
  • When you choose to be a surrogate through CSP, you will have an experienced counselor available to you and your family 24 hours a day, at no charge.

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CSP’s role in the surrogacy process

Gestational surrogates are exceptionally giving people who offer to help others in a way that will change lives forever. Because carrying a child for someone else is such a compassionate and selfless act, these women often have a special bond with the baby’s parents. At CSP, we nurture this bond by providing extensive support for both surrogates and parents, helping to ensure that surrogacy is a positive experience for everyone involved.

Learn why CSP is the first choice of thousands of women when choosing a surrogate agency to work with. If you are ready to be a surrogate or would like to learn more about our national surrogacy program, please contact us or complete our online application today.