Four decades of creating families

It takes a lot of love to create a family. Sometimes, it can also take a surrogate. If you're considering creating your family through surrogacy, you’ll want to find a reputable agency with supportive professionals, proven experience, and an excellent reputation. CSP has been a worldwide leader for more than 40 years, and we are proud to offer our wealth of expertise to all parents. After all, nothing is more important than finding people who care as much as you do about bringing your baby home.

A history of comprehensive care

Your opportunity to be a parent is too important to entrust to just any agency. No one knows more about facilitating a successful surrogacy process than CSP. We've been doing this longer than anyone else, so we have more expertise and insight into every aspect of the journey.

  • The CSP Advantage

    We’ve been helping intended parents start and grow their families for four decades, making us the oldest surrogacy agency in operation in the world. We were also the first to help a gay couple welcome a baby over 30 years ago, and continue to serve the LGBTQ community in their surrogacy journeys.

    One-of-a-kind matching process
    Our screening and matching process is one-of-a-kind and benefits both parents and surrogates. CSP always has a large pool of waiting parents from all over the world, so not only do surrogates have a choice when it comes to selecting intended parents, but the process will go smoother and faster. Parents can rest assured knowing we always are in the process of screening surrogates and selecting only those who meet all of our high criteria.

    A team of committed experts
    CSP has a large team of surrogacy experts who have been with us for decades, providing incredible support to both surrogates and parents. Cumulatively, we’ve seen it all, and have successfully navigated all the potential bumps that can emerge from this kind of journey. We work and partner with experienced professionals in multiple fields, including counselors, attorneys, and fertility specialists.

    Supporting surrogates. Always.
    Those who are interested in becoming surrogates have many options, from the tiniest agency to a larger surrogacy program. The resources provided by our well-established agency are numerous, and provide security and peace of mind for all surrogates.

    Remote capabilities

    CSP is happy to work with intended parents and surrogates remotely when travel or office visits aren’t possible. Our online system provides 24/7 access to every detail of each case, so that our team, surrogates, and parents can immediately access all the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

  • Understanding the Role of an Agency
    When it becomes clear that surrogacy is the path to parenthood, trying to manage the complexities of this journey on your own can become daunting. Working with a reputable agency provides expertise and guidance to ensure the most safe, legal, and financially sound approach to surrogacy. An agency should educate you on all aspects of surrogacy before matching, and assist throughout the entire process to ensure all parties are supported at all times.
  • What Our Agency Provides
    We have developed a specialized, streamlined process for creating families through surrogacy. There are many benefits and services you'll receive when you work with us.

    Cost-free consultation

    Each surrogacy journey with CSP begins with a free consultation. We proudly offer a complete review and provide guidance on what to expect with your surrogacy journey.

    Convenient online communication and tools

    An online application helps CSP identify the unique needs of all intended parents and surrogates to help guide and assist with initiating the journey to parenthood. Once you have selected CSP, your case manager works with you to create an online profile to allow you to track your progress, manage the required needs, and match with potential surrogates or parents. Intended parents can review the complete medical history for each surrogate, and both parents and surrogates are provided an online portal allowing individual progress tracking.

    A superior screening process

    We provide our parents with peace of mind as they come to truly understand the degree to which our surrogates are screened. At any given time our agency has between 40-60 gestational surrogates undergoing the screening process, which includes psychological screening, medical record review, and a background check. Each surrogate and intended parent will first meet and get to know each other to ensure the match meets the needs of everyone involved.

    Partnering with the best

    Our surrogacy agency works with leading fertility doctors, attorneys, psychologists, and psychotherapists. We utilize the expertise of every kind of professional you’ll need on your journey.

    Legal and financial benefits

    Throughout pregnancy and through delivery, many financial considerations must be evaluated. Our financial team ensures transparency throughout the process. Legal contracts, expected financial responsibilities, and trust administration are all overseen and supported by the team at CSP. From beginning to end, a CSP case manager guides, advocates, organizes, and manages all aspects of the surrogacy process, ensuring each intended parent and surrogate receive the highest level of care and attention.

  • Comparing Surrogacy Agencies
    Evaluating surrogacy agencies is an important, and often intimidating, first step toward a successful surrogacy journey. All agencies are not equal in their choice of available surrogates, their surrogate screening processes, and the overall support and guidance they can provide to intended parents. Since it can be difficult to find clear and reliable information, we work to help you understand your options and how they differ so you can find the best fit for you. To simplify, there are typically three options for surrogacy.
  • Private Surrogacy/ Independent Matching
    You find your own surrogate, and proceed without any assistance.

    What you need to know

    People often pursue private surrogacy because the cost seems lower than that of a professional agency. Private surrogacy may include an arrangement with a stranger who has offered their services as a surrogate through a website. The surrogate might also be a relative or friend.

    Even if the surrogate is a trusted friend or family member, there are specific legal, financial, and emotional parameters to meet. Contracts must provide legal protection for everyone in the surrogacy arrangement. Even so, private surrogacy arrangements offer few safety nets. Private or independent surrogacy often lacks the emotional, legal, and medical support that a full-service agency can provide.

    We recommend you take advantage of our free consultation to discuss the option of private surrogacy with an experienced CSP case manager. We know the surrogacy world inside and out, and can provide valuable insight about the pros and cons of all options available to you.

  • Matching Agencies
    These agencies provide you a potential surrogate, but don’t provide continued support after the match. Like any customer-service-based business, surrogacy agencies vary drastically in the services they provide. When evaluating agencies, it’s important to look for integrity and transparency. You need to trust your agency, work with professionals who know the process, and receive complete financial information. An agency’s reputation for ethical and professional services is paramount. When comparing surrogacy agencies, it can be difficult to determine if an agency can provide full service or just a potential surrogate match. It can also be difficult to determine your personal financial risk should your doctor not approve the potential match. This is why pre-screening of surrogates is so important. We're happy to expound on our methods of continual support throughout the process.
  • Full-Service Agencies
    These agencies guide you from the initial consultation past delivery, ensuring the process is well-supported. The Center for Surrogate Parenting is a full-service surrogacy agency. This is the choice for busy individuals or couples who want to lean on the expertise of professionals at all steps of the journey. Full-service agencies often assist with the financial and legal implications of surrogacy, help with egg or sperm donation, vigorously screen potential surrogates, and provide the emotional support both during and post-pregnancy. Knowing how your agency supports you through treatment and pregnancy can help you determine if the agency provides a full-service surrogacy experience.
  • What to Keep in Mind When Comparing Agencies.

    Services performed

    An agency should provide a complete and comprehensive explanation of the entire process of surrogacy, as well as how the agency functions from the beginning all the way to post-delivery.

    The CSP Promise: CSP case managers are with you from the initial consultation and assist at every part of the process.

    Readily available information

    An agency should allow you to review their policies and the steps in the surrogacy process, as well as other pertinent information.

    The CSP Promise: The CSP website offers detailed information about every aspect of the surrogacy progress. We will provide you with any information you requested.

    Financial transparency

    An agency should provide you with clear, complete, and transparent financials for a surrogacy journey. Notations of “cost to be determined” or “not evaluated” make it impossible to accurately compare costs across agencies.

    The CSP Promise: CSP initially provides a transparent and complete financial estimate, and then we work with a financial coordinator to create your specific cost sheet.

    Years in business

    When a successful surrogacy agency is still in business after many years, it’s likely because they do things the right way.

    The CSP Promise: CSP was the first surrogacy agency, and for more than 40 years it has abided by its mission to create families for all kinds of parents.

    Happy surrogates, happy parents

    Any legitimate agency should provide testimonials from the parents and surrogates they’ve worked with.

    The CSP Promise: Many CSP clients come to us through referrals from previous clients. Some of our clients have returned, requesting that we help them with additional pregnancies to grow their families.

    High degree of professionalism

    An agency should have experienced leaders on staff and access to professionals in the legal and medical fields.

    The CSP Promise: Our parents and surrogates trust us with a great deal of personal and sensitive information. CSP is proud of its professional and ethical standards.

  • Switching Surrogacy Agencies? Let Us Help
    One of the benefits of choosing to work with a larger surrogacy program like CSP is that we are well-equipped to weather any storm, including economic crises and a global pandemic. Even in hard times, CSP is always seeking future surrogates – and our arms are open to those who may need to switch surrogacy agencies due to a small-surrogacy agency closure or an extended wait to be matched with intended parents. Our hearts go out to any surrogates and hopeful parents who may be facing a surrogacy agency closure or temporary shutdown. CSP has experienced uninterrupted business, and we continue managing our existing cases and matching our surrogates. We'd be happy to help you continue your journey.
  • US-Based, Global Impact
    Our high standard of care and success means intended parents come to us from not just all over the country, but also all over the world. Our knowledgeable team offers a wealth of expertise to help you grow your family. Many of our team members have been with us for decades, and many have served as surrogates themselves. They are eager to share their experience with you, whether you're interested in becoming a surrogate or welcoming a baby into your life.