High Expectations. High Satisfaction.

We're a surrogacy agency continually in high-demand, and our reputation for creating families keeps growing. Over the last 40 years, we've earned the trust of thousands of intended parents across the globe, each one hopeful for the right surrogate to join them on their journey.

Our proven process

We employ a unique matching process that results in successful, lower-stress outcomes. Our approved surrogates view multiple intended parent profiles and then select who they would be happy to work with. At this stage, surrogate-selected parents choose from only the surrogates who are already committed to working with them. Guiding everyone through this process is a team of mental health professionals who ensure compatibility. Knowing that you've chosen each other creates a solid foundation for the relationship to come.

U.S. surrogates

Every surrogate is based in the U.S. Every newborn has gained entry to their home country after birth.

Serving all families

We're LGBTQ friendly, and are proud to know we were the first surrogacy agency to help a gay couple become fathers.

Surrogate screening

Our evaluation is comprehensive, with surrogates undergoing psychological and physical screenings in accordance with our high standards and criteria.

True professionals

Not only does our CSP team embody values of empathy and expertise, we partner with the most experienced professionals in the field, including attorneys, counselors, and fertility doctors.

Creating families of all kinds.

We're the most-experienced surrogacy agency in the world, and we continue to serve those both in and outside of the United States. We're invested in creating families of all kinds. In addition to serving singles or couples who choose surrogacy for medical reasons, a good percentage of our intended parents are LGBTQ couples or individuals who can’t have a biological child any other way. All of them depend on a surrogate and are eager to meet the generous woman who will one day place a precious child into their arms.

Begin your journey.

Our seasoned professionals are thrilled to help you get started on your journey. To begin, complete the Parent Application form, or call our office at (818) 574-6017.

What to expect next:

After we receive your application we will reach out with additional materials and schedule your complimentary consultation. Here you'll be introduced to your Intended Parent Case Manager, who will serve as your main point of contact throughout the entire journey--from matching, to treatment, to delivery. We're honored to be with you each step of the way.

Finding the right fit

We're committed to finding a highly-compatible fit for surrogates and intended parents. To foster even stronger relationships among both parties, we now grant future surrogates access to our "waiting parent" profiles earlier in the process than ever before.

Steps to starting your surrogacy journey.

Fill the Online Application

We try to simplify the surrogacy journey as much as possible. To start, future surrogates may begin by viewing parent profiles shortly after they apply online.

Apply Online

Talk to a Case Manager

After reviewing your application, we'll schedule a remote consultation with one of our case coordinators, where you can ask questions about the surrogacy screening process and our program as a whole, and inform us as to the type of relationship you’d like to have with your surrogate.

Match with a Surrogate

Once you are approved to move ahead you'll begin a conversation with a counselor about matching. Some parents will match with a surrogate early on, and others may choose to wait until they're further into the process.