Supporting single parents every step of the way.

We honor the opportunity for everyone to be a parent, and are pleased to have a broad range of experience supporting single parents as they welcome a baby into their lives. We will thoughtfully provide you with the expertise and tools needed to help you create your family, your way.

Steps Toward Surrogacy

The process of surrogacy for single parents is very similar to the process for any hopeful parents. We work to ensure a smooth experience throughout the journey by providing extensive guidance and support at each step of the process.

Selecting your surrogate
After you’ve completed an online application, we match you with a pre-screened surrogate who has selected you as someone they would like to help. Our intensive screening process sets CSP apart from other surrogacy agencies that ask hopeful parents to pay for screening after a match is already made, increasing the financial risk of a match falling through. Our methods allow you to feel more confident that the selected surrogate will be a healthy match.

Motivated gestational surrogates
We take pride in only working with surrogates who desire to give this kind of priceless gift to someone else. Regarding surrogacy for single parents, our surrogacy agency will ensure that you are matched with someone enthusiastically supportive of your special family makeup.

Egg and sperm donor selection
Because you will need either an egg or sperm donor, or both, we are happy to connect you with our partner agency, Ovation® Donor Services. There, you will find a large database of pre-qualified donors, with reproductive material ready and waiting to help individuals like you start their families.

Surrogacy laws for singles
While surrogacy laws for single parents are often the same as they are for couples, there are sometimes slight differences. Some states and countries have more friendly surrogacy laws than others. To ensure that every aspect of your surrogacy experience is successful, we will connect you with a reputable surrogacy lawyer who understands your local laws and the laws of the state in which your U.S. surrogate resides.

Building families, building relationships
Once you receive the wonderful news that your gestational surrogate is pregnant, we will help you and your surrogate develop a plan for how you’ll participate in the pregnancy and birth. If you and your surrogate wish to stay in touch after your baby is born, we are delighted to facilitate that ongoing relationship.

Comprehensive communication and care.

We work with an extensive network of acclaimed fertility clinics across the United States. You can trust that a knowledgeable, LGBTQ-friendly fertility specialist will handle the medical components of this exciting process, and that he or she will be as committed to your success as you are.