Transparency about costs

Although it seems impossible to put a price on the joy that comes with parenthood, it's expected that you'll have many questions about the total investment for surrogacy and what is included. As the world's oldest surrogacy agency, we truly understand and even welcome these inquiries.

Much more than a match

Ultimately, when you partner with us, your surrogacy fees give you access to more than just a great surrogate-parent match. You also benefit from our vast experience, support systems, national size, and a long track record of creating families.

Fees at a glance

The most accurate cost representation can be understood by receiving an estimated cost sheet. We encourage you to contact us to get the most personalized cost estimate available.

For general information, our surrogacy costs vary from $130,000 to $150,000. The fees depend on various factors, including medical protocol.

These costs will include surrogate compensation and reimbursement, medical costs, medical insurance, and psychological support and screening.

To make surrogacy more affordable, CSP has partnered with fertility financing companies. We can provide a list of companies that can help bring your dream of parenthood within your reach.

What Makes Up Your Surrogacy Cost

CSP coordinates all aspects of the surrogacy journey to prepare for a successful and rewarding experience. This chart is to help understanding of where each portion of money will be spent for your surrogacy journey. Each journey is different and CSP strives for transparency in all stages. While all of these sections are not paid to CSP, we will help manage your funds and direct them to the appropriate places at the correct time to avoid any unnecessary delays or additional costs. Your CSP team are all here to help guide and encourage a happy journey with a healthy outcome. Any additional funds in your account after delivery will be returned to you.

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Surrogacy Fees: $130,000-$150,000

Separate Fees: $56,500

CSP Fees

  • Due Upon Signing Service Agreement
    Initial Program Initiation Fee:

    Program initiation allowing Intended Parents enrollment in the CSP surrogacy program. CSP provides guidance and expertise on profile generation and establishment of required surrogacy relationships (Mental Health, Legal, Insurance Review, Doctor etc). CSP coordinates all aspects of the surrogacy journey to prepare for a successful and rewarding experience.

    International Coordination Fee (If Applicable*)
  • Due Upon Issuance of Legal Clearance
    Contract Completion fee

    CSP surrogate recruitment efforts, surrogate education, surrogate program enrollment, and CSP matching. Establishment of surrogate cost sheet, and overall guidance to ensure the Gestational Carrier Agreement is timely executed.

    Screening Fee

    TBD based upon the individual surrogate cost sheet. The costs associated with background checks, medical review, blood work, medical procedures and psychological counseling for your surrogate and partner prior to TMA signing. The screening cost is only paid if the surrogate is medically cleared by the fertility clinic.*

  • Embryo Transfer Fees Due at Time of Transfer
    First Embryo transfer Fee

    Medical coordination for all post-match screening, travel coordination, and medical necessities in preparation for an embryo transfer.

    Additional Embryo Transfer Fees (If Applicable*)

    $1,500 per transfer not to exceed 2 additional transfers per Gestational Carrier.

  • Escrow Coordination Fee Due at Trust Management Agreement signing
    Coordinating with outside escrow

    Authorizing payments as outlined in the Gestational Carrier Agreement. Review medical invoices to ensure it has been processed through medical insurance. CSP Trust department requires proof of full funding with Trust Account Service Provider within 10 business days of TMA being signed.

  • Rematch Fee Due upon Legal Clearance (If Applicable*)
    Rematch Fee: New Surrogate (If Applicable*)

    Applicable when an embryo transfer has occurred and a new surrogate is required. The screening fee is waived.

  • Multiples Fee (If Applicable*)
    Due at Time of Multiple Embryo Transfer

    Requires 2 or more embryos transferred, if 1 embryo transferred, no multiple fee applies to CSP. Gestational Carrier Agreement maintains as outlined for multiples births compensation.

    Due 12 weeks post-transfer.

    Assuming confirmation of 2 or more heartbeats at 10 weeks of gestation.