Experience the joys of parenthood

You've come too far not to experience the joy of holding your own child in your arms and helping them reach their full potential.

No one knows more about surrogacy

Your opportunity to be a parent is too important to entrust to just any agency. No one knows more about facilitating a successful surrogacy process than CSP. Because we've been doing this longer than anyone else, we have more expertise and insight into every aspect of the journey.

Work with the best

This opportunity is too important to entrust to anyone but the best.

We are so pleased with CSP. From our first interaction with our case manager, Fay Johnson, we felt an instant connection. She was kind, totally present, listened to our story and was able to relate to us on so many levels. She was also very thorough in explaining how the process works and managed our expectations. The entire team has been instrumental in presenting us with a surrogate who is perfectly matched for us!!! Without question, CSP is the ONLY agency I would refer to friends and family needing such an important service!!!

We have an amazing surrogate thanks to Fay and CSP; and we will hopefully be blessed with twins this December!!!

Nigel, parent — Brisbane, California

When there was no hope for my husband and I to ever have a child we found CSP. Thankfully, we were blessed and ecstatic with the arrival of identical twin boys via our wonderful CSP surrogate. Not only did CSP know what they were doing (heck, I think they have been doing this for over 38 years) they CARED and they wanted us to become parents as much as we did!

It’s not just a business at CSP, it’s a way of life. Helping others to become parents. We are still in touch with our surrogate. I HIGHLY recommend the sometimes-challenging but eternally rewarding mission to have a family. THANKS CSP!

Lisa, parent — Sydney, Australia

My partner and I spoke with CSP in November 2017 and were immediately impressed by our case manager’s (Fay) professionalism, dedication and empathy. Our experience with CSP was in stark contrast to other agencies that seem to want to sell us a product as oppose to match us with the right surrogate and help us through the miracle of building our own family.

Fay guided us through this multi-party process to find us the perfect surrogate for our twin children. Having gone through this process herself in the early days of surrogacy, Fay proved to be invaluable as a trusted adviser. We are very grateful to have found Fay and to be working with all the wonderful professionals at CSP.

We transferred our two embryos in April 2018 to our surrogate and are blessed to be pregnant. We have a truly extraordinary surrogate whose passion and determination amazes me every day. I can’t thank Fay and the CSP team enough for the support and dedication they provide to both the surrogate and intended parents.

Sebastien, parent — San Francisco, California

CSP was the end of a very long and emotional road to parenthood for us. From the moment we met with CSP in Los Angeles, our hope was restored. On a personal level, every step of the process with Joanne and CSP was supportive, and thoughtful. They found us an amazing surrogate, which was a dream match for us. On the business side, the agency is so experienced that we felt completely confident with the logistics and legal details that they organized for us. Everything was water-tight and seamless.

We are a CSP success story, and I am now the mother of 7-year-old twins. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t thank Joanne and her team for making our dream come true.

Catherine, parent — Sydney

Move forward
with confidence

Working with a proven team and process gives you the insight and support you need to move forward with confidence. CSP knows the way because we've been there thousands of times before.

We pre-screen our surrogates

We pre-screen surrogates before presenting them to you for your consideration. Our unique process includes conducting an in-depth medical review and psychological evaluation, along with a social review to make sure surrogates are in a good place to provide this life-changing service. Once you’ve chosen each other, the process moves forward seamlessly so you don't have to worry about any more disappointments.

All the protection and
information you need
in one place

Surrogacy is often misunderstood, and many misinformed voices could mislead you. The medical, legal and financial risks are real, so you should never go it alone. We will make sure you are fully protected, never pay more than you should and provide you with support at every step.

Never pay more than you should

Knowing what to expect financially is a key component to a successful surrogacy journey. CSP can help you address your questions throughout the entire process. Our goal is to help you never pay more than you should.

LGBTQ+ Parents

We understand and support the unique needs of LGBTQ+ parents. Our team of experts will explain your options and guide you through our proven process to achieve your goals.

Single Parents

Having a trusted partner means a lot when you're becoming a parent. You can count on us to be with you every step of the way. CSP appreciates the unique needs of single parents and knows how to help.

Always in the know, always know what's next

With CSP, you never have to wonder or worry about where you are in the process or what's next. We know the way because we've been there many times before and will provide you with a clear path forward.