Welcome back and welcome home.

As a world-renowned surrogacy agency, we've supported thousands of experienced surrogates in helping hopeful parents fulfill their dream of welcoming a healthy baby into their family. Whether you've already completed a surrogacy journey with CSP, another agency, or your own, we welcome you to the CSP family!

We have the utmost respect for the integrity and selflessness of surrogates. It's a privilege to provide quality support during the incredible experience of gestational surrogacy.

CSP has the most experience of any surrogacy agency.

It’s essential to work with an agency that is well-versed in the medical, emotional, financial and legal components of gestational surrogacy. CSP has the most experience of any surrogacy agency in the world. As a result, we bring a wealth of knowledge and know-how to each of the surrogacy journeys we facilitate.

Match with parents who share your values.

We believe that surrogates and intended parents who make a personal connection experience the best journeys. So we pre-screen surrogates and allow them to choose parents who share their values. That way, everyone moves forward with confidence when there's a match.

Work with the best

After decades of doing this significant work, we've developed trusted relationships with the best medical, emotional and legal partners nationwide. With CSP, you're working with the best.

When I was researching agencies, one of the most important criteria for me was matching. In fact, it was my No. 1. This can really make or break a surrogacy journey. I truly believe this is what CSP does best!

Leea D., surrogate

The support I received from CSP as a surrogate was what made my first journey possible. The process can feel so overwhelming, with everything there is to learn. CSP made me feel safe and kept things moving at an easy, step-by-step pace.

Diane H., surrogate

The best thing is knowing that I gave something to someone that they might not have been able to get anywhere else. Being a part of something that is so much bigger than I could ever possibly be and knowing I made a difference in someone’s life. Nothing else in my life has brought me as much joy as knowing I was a surrogate and that I helped two couples become parents, realizing dreams they thought would never come true. Being a surrogate has shown me that miracles can happen and dreams can come true.

Julie, surrogate — Maryland

It was a very reputable agency. I researched several and found it fit me and my family the best.

Katie, surrogate — Ohio

I always had wanted to help someone have a baby. I love being pregnant. I had offered to help a couple who were friends and were having difficulty and when they became pregnant on their own, I decided to reach out to CSP.

Robin, surrogate — Illinois

Facilitating healthy communication and relationships

We believe that healthy surrogacy journeys lead to happy outcomes. Along the way, important topics and issues may arise that require open yet caring communication. We provide a dedicated case manager and professional counselor for every surrogacy journey. At CSP, we represent everyone's interests in a respectful way that makes you feel heard.

Our intended parents cannot have a child on their own.

Our agency only assists hopeful parents who cannot have a child on their own. These parents include both men and women; people who are single, partnered or married; and U.S. citizens and people from all over the world. In working with CSP, you'll know that your couple or individual cannot have a biological child without your help.

Next steps.

Upon receiving your application, a CSP coordinator will schedule a phone interview with you. We'll learn more about your surrogacy experience and discuss what needs to happen to match you with intended parents who share your values.

Because this is such a meaningful decision, we want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible when deciding to work with our surrogacy agency. Our team is always happy to connect and answer questions. Contact us to learn more about how we support experienced surrogates.

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