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Baby Drinking a Bottle
Acceptance: A Standard for Surrogacy
Aug 31 2016

Choosing Surrogacy A traditional pregnancy is typical in the United States. With the amount of good health care available, many wome   [+]

Young Gay Couple
2016 Alternative Parenting Show - London
Aug 26 2016

CSP Meeting Intended Parents in London - Sept 24, 2016 At the Center for Surrogate Parenting, CSP, we know the decision to become a   [+]

Baby in Sun
Tips on Caring for Your Baby's Skin this Summer
Aug 19 2016

The Best Ways to Protect Your Baby from the Sun As a new parent, there are thousands of brand new worries on your mind each day—how   [+]

Surrogate Mom and Husband
Husbands of Surrogate Moms
Aug 16 2016

A Surrogate’s Spouse Surrogate mothers are considered around the world as heroes for those families unable to have children. But, li   [+]