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Intended Parents Date Night
Surrogacy and Moving On From Infertility
Jan 27 2017

Joyful Beginnings: Leaving Infertility Behind and Embracing Surrogacy Infertility is not uncommon. More than 7 million men and women   [+]

Happy Dad with Pretty Baby
Tips for Gay Men About Parenting Through Surrogacy
Jan 23 2017

How Surrogacy Helps Gay Men Create Families For gay intended parents, surrogacy opens up the possibility of building a family and b   [+]

Mom and daughter near Effel Tower
U.S.A. Surrogacy Offers Hope to International Intended Parents
Jan 19 2017

U.S. Surrogacy Offers a Path for International Intended Parents For thousands of international intended parents, worldwide, surrogac   [+]

Happy Couple with Baby
Building a Relationship Between Surrogate and Intended Parents
Jan 11 2017

Building Surrogacy Bonds Establishing a bond between the surrogate mother and the intended parents is a unique part of the surrogacy   [+]