How to Choose the Best Surrogacy Agency

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Finding the Best Surrogacy Agency
Forty years ago, there were few options for those adults who wished to become parents. In the years prior to the late 1970s, the only two ways to achieve parenthood were through traditional means or adoption, and those options were acceptable for heterosexual couples only. Surrogacy opened up new options for hopeful parents all over the world, and it has helped couples and singles of all sexual orientations and cultures start families.

A Foundation of Ethical, Professional Surrogacy

The Center for Surrogate Parenting officially opened its doors in 1980, and throughout our history, we have developed a process that guides, informs, educates, and protects surrogate mothers, intended parents, their families, and their future children. Early on, we established a goal of assisting responsible adults, no matter their sexual orientation or marital status. Our success is a result of our thorough screening processes of the intended parent or parents and the surrogate mother, and our persistence in maintaining an ethical and responsible surrogacy service.
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Our Joyful Successes

CSP's experience is evident in the 2,400 successful surrogacies we've celebrated, and the number of parents who have returned and allowed us to help them grow their families a second or third time. We've helped heartbroken women and men who had all but given up their dreams of starting a family, due to medical issues or societal constraints. We've helped establish trusting relationships and bonds between intended parents and surrogate mothers that have created new families. It is a joyful experience, and we feel honored to be a part of each and every surrogacy.

Finding a Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy is a major life event, and should be considered carefully. It requires a financial, legal, and emotional commitment. Choosing the right surrogacy agency is imperative to a successful and enjoyable surrogacy. Thoroughly evaluating every aspect of the agency is not only smart, it is something we expect from those who are considering our services. Here are some areas that should be considered before choosing a surrogacy agency:

  • Is the surrogacy agency established? Does it have a physical office or offices? Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals offering their services, who have only an internet presence. It's hard to check them out because they have no track record and no ties to any specific community or to professional surrogacy circles. New agencies have a less-experienced staff and little experience with successful surrogacies.
  • Does the agency offer a clear idea of the surrogacy process and expected timeframes? If the potential agency does not answer your questions and is unable to provide clear expectations of the surrogacy steps, it's best to move on.
  • Is the agency associated with expert legal services? Is the staff knowledgeable about the legalities of surrogacy in the state where the child will be born? Are the surrogate mothers U.S. citizens? There are many laws surrounding surrogacy, and the agency should be knowledgeable about those laws. They should have access to a licensed attorney who helps oversee the legalities of the surrogacy.
  • What sort of professional staff—attorneys, medical consultants, psychologists, psychotherapists—are available to surrogates and intended parents? Access to legal, medical and psychological assistance is imperative throughout the surrogacy process.
  • Will you have the right to choose your surrogate, and how does the process work? Matching intended parents with a surrogate mother is essential to a successful surrogacy. Reputable agencies have a group of surrogate mothers who have been screened thoroughly and look forward to helping an individual or couple create a family. Both surrogate and intended parents must agree to the surrogacy.
  • How is the surrogate financially compensated? Although surrogacy is not a business, there are financial aspects that should be laid out clearly through legally binding contracts. At CSP, we set up a trust fund for the surrogate mother before the pregnancy takes place, and send the intended parents a statement each month with expenditures.
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Warning Signs

Surrogacy laws vary from state-to-state and country-to-country. As a result, there are surrogacy businesses whose primary motivations are financial payoffs, not happy endings and new families. There are a variety of warning signs for both surrogate mothers and intended parents seeking surrogacy services.

Be aware of these signs of unscrupulous surrogacy agencies or services:
  • There is no evidence of successful surrogacies, and the agency offers no success stories that can be confirmed.
  • No physical location. Anyone can establish a surrogacy agency solely based on an internet presence, without any professional background experience. Many are found to be fraudulent, and are shut down. They later open up a new agency under a different name.
  • The agency tries to pressure you into signing documents without a firm understanding of what you are signing. The contract leaves out pertinent legal aspects.
  • They ask for a large deposit and say it will be held in escrow, but you are not provided a statement or an update on the expenditures.
  • The agency guarantees pregnancy.
  • You are not provided any contact with the surrogate mother.
Verify all details about the surrogacy agency. Look for reviews from parents and surrogate mothers who have worked with the agency. Never jump into an arrangement you aren't 100 percent sure about.

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Parent Profiles

Not all surrogacy agencies offer services to those who identify as LGBT. Many agencies don't provide services for single parents, either. CSP has a non-judgmental policy of helping responsible adults who are ready to be parents achieve that life goal, no matter their sexual orientation or marital status. We are the first agency to help an LGBT couple start a family. That was 30 years ago, and we've helped thousands of married and single people become parents since then.

Questions? Ask Us

From the moment we have our first consultation to the moment your child arrives in the world, we will be there to answer questions, verify that all legalities have been addressed, and that everyone involved understands each step along the way. CSP is a reputable, well-known and respected surrogacy agency. Let us show you why.