Why Agency-Managed Surrogacy is the Best Option

Monday, November 21, 2016
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Top Reasons Why a Managed Surrogacy Is Your Best Choice
The birth of a child is a beautiful experience, but there is a process—the pregnancy, finding a doctor, securing insurance, creating a nursery, and planning for financial obligations, just to name a few. A surrogacy includes all of these factors, but it also adds additional elements, such as legal agreements for the surrogate mother and the intended parents or parent, counseling services for all parties involved, and financial trust setups.

The demand for surrogacy is high. However, there are no federal laws governing surrogacy and no one-law-fits-all scenarios. Laws surrounding surrogacy differ in each state, and legal parameters pertain to the state the surrogate mother lives in, which creates an intensive and time-consuming process to obtain surrogacy. For some people, an independent surrogacy may be an adequate option, while others choose to rely on the benefits of a surrogacy agency, which include all services needed to ensure peace of mind throughout the process.

Agency Options

A variety of agency options and sources are available for finding and connecting with a surrogate mother, from online agencies that serve as a go-between to coordinate the surrogacy arrangement, to full service agencies that handle the management of all aspects of the surrogacy, including screening processes for both the intended parents and surrogate mother, medical screenings, and any legal work required. But there are other options as well: agencies offering partial services but no access to a legal staff, or those that perform partial screenings or none at all.

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Online Agencies

Online surrogacy agencies have increased in recent years, but not all of them are reputable. Some agencies offer their services for matching surrogates and parents at a much lower cost than established surrogacy agencies, and may offer the services of surrogates who reside in foreign countries. Payments are wired by intended parents to establish an escrow for the surrogacy, but a baby may never arrive, medical bills aren't paid, or intended parents find out there was never a match with a surrogate in the first place. Although there may be excellent online agencies to be found, it is important to check them out thoroughly before entering into a surrogacy arrangement or making any type of payment. An online presence is a convenience for a surrogacy agency, but the agency should also be an established business with a list of successful surrogacy arrangements. CSP is a reliable agency that has assisted with thousands of successful surrogacy births and placements over the last 36 years.

Screening Process Is Key

We've learned through experience that thorough and professional screenings are essential to a successful surrogacy arrangement, and we include medical, psychological, background, and legal screenings. The screening process is a factor that distinguishes between good and excellent surrogacy agencies, but not all agencies perform these screenings to the high standards found at CSP. Some agencies may offer medical screenings, but no psychological screenings. Others may offer assistance through the surrogacy process, but have no legal experience and no credentialed professionals on staff. Working with an agency that not only provides guidance but also offers a team of psychological, legal, and medical professionals to aid in the journey creates a positive, less worrisome experience.

Two Dads and Children

Financial Details

It's important to establish not only compensation for the surrogate mother, but to also ensure her needs are met throughout her pregnancy and that all expenses and medical bills are paid. Financial agreements should be legally binding contracts, signed by all parties and reviewed by legal professionals. Reputable agencies will set up trusts to protect the financial aspect of the arrangement for the surrogate mother and the intended parent or parents. Detailed financial statements should be provided on a regular basis so that parents have a solid understanding of the costs incurred along the way. We understand that trust is a crucial part of the relationship we establish with our surrogate mothers and intended parents, and understanding and being a part of every aspect of the financial arrangement is important to an emotionally satisfying and successful surrogacy.

Dad and Mom and Happy Baby


Creating families—matching our surrogate mothers with couples or individuals who desire to parent a child—goes far beyond professional business practices and legal obligations. Although these are important aspects of the surrogacy, they don't address the most important part of the process. Connections are created between people who may start out as strangers but will share the miracle of bringing a new life into the world. This is what drives CSP to create an individualized, secure, and safe surrogacy for everyone involved. We manage the surrogacy, provide support, and answer questions, so you can enjoy the steps leading up to the birth of your child and celebrate your new role as parents.

The Happy, Healthy Surrogacy

A positive, well-planned surrogacy establishes a solid foundation for your new family. Research the options available for surrogacy and find ways to learn more about comparing agencies. CSP welcomes questions about the surrogacy process, and we're happy to share our success stories and the benefits of managed surrogacy.