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Four Decades of Creating Families®

For more than 40 years, our US surrogacy agency has brought people together to Create Families.

At the Center for Surrogate Parenting, what we do is so much more than surrogacy. It’s our mission, our honor and our greatest joy for our US surrogacy agency to help bring beloved children into their parents’ waiting arms, making families complete. As one of the longest-operating surrogacy agencies in the world, CSP has proven processes and protocols in place to protect both intended parents and gestational carriers. CSP ensures a streamlined and successful experience for everyone involved in the process. We are known worldwide for complete transparency, the highest ethical standards, and the utmost professionalism – with a loving touch. No other surrogacy agency can match our experience and resources, from our case managers to our counselors, legal experts and support team. Whether you’re looking for a US surrogate or hoping to become a surrogate to help someone else, you will always feel welcome and cared for at CSP.

Why CSP Is Different

Welcoming Intended Parents from All Over the World

The Center for Surrogate Parenting has been a warm and welcoming partner for thousands of men and women seeking to find a surrogate and grow their families.

CSP is dedicated to meeting the needs of prospective parents around the globe.

With a national presence across the United States, our US surrogacy agency has surrogates waiting to be matched in many states and has assisted countless intended parents along the pathway to parenthood. CSP is a global surrogacy agency, working with people all over the world to connect them with US surrogates who are eager to make their dreams of a complete family come true. Welcoming people from all walks of life has always been the CSP way. There is no more joyful journey than parenthood, and we believe that everyone who wishes to have a child should get to experience it. When you’re ready to find a surrogate, we are ready to talk to you and start your journey right away.

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