Honoring The Opportunity for Everyone to be a Parent

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent. Through the miracle of surrogacy combined with our proven process and expertise, you can experience the joy of holding your own child in your arms.

Over forty years of experience facilitating successful surrogacy journeys

As a result, we have significantly more surrogacy experience than any other agency.
over 3,000

babies born

over 40

years in business

over 31%

gay parents

over 61

countries served

Healthy journeys, happy outcomes.

We believe that healthy surrogacy journeys lead to happy surrogacy outcomes. We thoroughly pre-screen surrogates and provide professional counselors who facilitate open, kind communication. As a worldwide leader in surrogacy, everyone involved in the surrogacy journey can move forward confidently with CSP.

Generous compensation for surrogates, transparent cost for intended parents.

Although it seems impossible to put a price on the joy that comes with parenthood, questions about compensation and cost are expected. We offer upfront transparency on expenses and a competitive compensation package.

Make a great match and move forward seamlessly.

We make great matches between surrogates and intended parents by pre-screening surrogates and letting them choose IPs who share their values. This unique approach helps to ensure the process moves forward seamlessly as soon as there's a match.

When there was no hope for my husband and I to ever have a child we found CSP. Thankfully, we were blessed and ecstatic with the arrival of identical twin boys via our wonderful CSP surrogate. Not only did CSP know what they were doing (heck, I think they have been doing this for over 38 years) they CARED and they wanted us to become parents as much as we did!

It’s not just a business at CSP, it’s a way of life. Helping others to become parents. We are still in touch with our surrogate. I HIGHLY recommend the sometimes-challenging but eternally rewarding mission to have a family. THANKS CSP!

Lisa, parent — Sydney, Australia

When I was researching agencies, one of the most important criteria for me was matching. In fact, it was my No. 1. This can really make or break a surrogacy journey. I truly believe this is what CSP does best!

Leea D., surrogate

The support I received from CSP as a surrogate was what made my first journey possible. The process can feel so overwhelming, with everything there is to learn. CSP made me feel safe and kept things moving at an easy, step-by-step pace.

Diane H., surrogate

We are so pleased with CSP. From our first interaction with our case manager, Fay Johnson, we felt an instant connection. She was kind, totally present, listened to our story and was able to relate to us on so many levels. She was also very thorough in explaining how the process works and managed our expectations. The entire team has been instrumental in presenting us with a surrogate who is perfectly matched for us!!! Without question, CSP is the ONLY agency I would refer to friends and family needing such an important service!!!

We have an amazing surrogate thanks to Fay and CSP; and we will hopefully be blessed with twins this December!!!

Nigel, parent — Brisbane, California

It was so amazing to see my intended mom’s face when her daughter was delivered. I will never forget the sheer joy on her face when she saw her baby for the first time. It had been a long, difficult struggle for them, and they still refer to me as their “hero.” She held on to that baby so tightly when she was born.

Nadine, surrogate — Pennsylvania

Always in the Know,
Always Know What's Next

With CSP, you never have to wonder or worry about where you are in the process or what's next. We know the way because we've been there many times before and will provide you with a clear path forward.

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We've worked with intended parents from over 60 countries. Find out how we can help you become a parent no matter where you are.

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