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What surrogates and parents are saying about our surrogacy agency

 My partner and I interviewed with CSP in November 2017 and were immediately impressed by our case manager’s (Fay) professionalism, dedication and empathy. Our experience with CSP was in stark contrast with other agencies that seem to want to sell us a product as oppose to match us with the right surrogate and help us through the miracle of building our own family.

Fay guided us through a complicated and at times stressful multi-party process to find us the perfect surrogate for our twin children to be. Having gone through this process herself in the early days of surrogacy, Fay proved to be invaluable as a trusted adviser. We are very grateful to have found Fay and to be working with all the wonderful professionals at CSP.

We transferred our 2 embryos in April 2018 to our surrogate and are blessed to be pregnant. We have a truly extraordinary surrogate whose passion and determination amazes me every day. I can’t thank Fay and the CSP team enough for the support and dedication they provide to both the surrogate and intended parents.

Sebastien, Parent – San Francisco, CA

 I love all the different types of support CSP has available for surrogates. The support group is an incredible resource of like-minded individuals who understand what you are going through like no one else can. I appreciate that CSP truly cares about their surrogates as individuals and about their journey as a whole. CSP also does an amazing job with the matching process. I couldn’t have asked for better families to have been matched with! I am still in contact with the families and I love watching their love as a family deepen and grow over time. I am incredibly grateful that CSP brought us together. My life is forever changed by being a part of their lives.

Teri, Surrogate Mom

 When there was no hope for my husband and I to ever have a child we found CSP. Thankfully we became OVER blessed and ecstatic with the arrival of identical twin boys via our wonderful CSP surrogate. Not only did CSP know what they were doing (heck I think they have been doing this for over 38 years) they CARED and they wanted us to become parents as much as we did!
It’s not just a business for those at CSP, it’s a way of life. Helping others to become parents. We are still in touch with our surrogate. I HIGHLY recommend the sometimes challenging, but eternally rewarding mission to have a family…THANKS CSP!

Lisa, Parent – Sydney, Australia

 We are so pleased with CSP. From our first interaction with our case manager, Fay Johnson, we felt an instant connection. She was kind, totally present, listened to our story, and was able to relate to us on so many levels. She was also very thorough in explaining how the process works and managed our expectations. The entire team has been instrumental in presenting us with a surrogate who is perfectly matched for us!!! Without question, the ONLY agency I would refer to friends and family needing such an important service!!!

We have an amazing surrogate thanks to Fay and CSP; and will hopefully be blessed with twins this December!!!

Nigel, Parent – Brisbane, CA

 Next to having my own children, becoming a surrogate was one of the biggest decisions of my life. I was always very passionate about it but had no idea where to start. When I found CSP I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. The incredible team of people they have really put my mind at ease. From the beginning to the end I have had so much support and never felt alone. Choosing to go with CSP as my agency was the best choice I made. I would have NEVER found the family I was matched with without them, the family who is now my second family. I will be forever grateful to all of the wonderful people who helped me make my dream come true in giving the gift of life to an incredibly deserving family!

Charlena, Surrogate Mom

 CSP were the end of a very long and emotional road to parenthood for us. From the moment we met with CSP in Los Angeles our hope was restored. On a personal level, every step of the process with Joanne and CSP was supportive, and thoughtful. They found us an amazing surrogate which was a dream match for us. On the business side, the agency is so experienced that we felt completely confident with the logistics and legal details that they organized for us. Everything was water tight and seamless.

We are a CSP success story – now the mother of 7 year old twins. There’s not a day goes by that we don’t thank Joanne and her team for making our dream come true.

Catherine, Parent – Sydney


Comments from CSP Surrogate Moms

Why did you choose CSP?

 It was a very reputable agency. I researched several and found it fit me and my family the best.

Surrogate Mom, Katie, Ohio

 I looked in to reviews from both surrogate and intended parent perspectives.
It was important to me that both sides felt supported. My impression after online research and then speaking to a representative was that CSP would provide that mutual support.

Surrogate Mom, Tiffany, Maryland

 At the time that I originally researched surrogacy (about 2000) and then later when I pursued it (2009), it was always the most comprehensive most knowledgeable website available. Upon further research, you can see that they had a long history of helping families and tons of experience in the field.

Surrogate Mom, Nadine, Pennsylvania

 Lots of reasons! They made this journey so easy and fun! I love the support group! I love that I never worried about anything, they had thought everything through. They made my travel arrangements, sent payments, and made my appointments when I did have to travel. They are well seasoned and great at their job!

Surrogate Mom, Kasey, Georgia

What have been the benefits for you / your family in doing this process?

 We have gotten to experience different cultures and make friends that we would’ve otherwise not met. It is very special for us to be a part of this.

Surrogate Mom, Ashley, Maryland

 Being a surrogate has touched me in ways I don’t believe I could have been otherwise. I feel that I’m a better person for having learned the type of selflessness this experience requires. My family has met amazing people and we’ve all been so lucky to have learned about different walks of life.

Surrogate Mom, Diane, Utah

 The greatest benefits have been watching loving and caring families grow and knowing that my family helped them do so. My family and I have enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and experiencing different cultures and ways of living. We are still in contact with my first two couples. My second couple, especially, we will have a lifelong friendship with. Both couples and their children are considered part of our family.

Surrogate Mom, Kyrsha, Wisconsin

 Teaching my kids a creative way to give back. Showing them selflessness. It has also shown many people in my life that getting pregnant is not always easy so it has really shone a light on infertility to people that know nothing about it.

Surrogate Mom, Melissa, California

Why did you want to be a surrogate?

 I always had wanted to help someone have a baby. I love being pregnant. I had offered to help a couple who were friends and were having difficulty and when they became pregnant on their own, I decided to reach out to CSP.

Surrogate Mom, Robin, Illinois

 I had just had my son, and I couldn’t fathom not being able to give birth to my babies. Any thought of infertility breaks my heart. I wanted to be able to do this for someone else.

Surrogate Mom, Gabriela, Virginia

I wanted to help families who couldn’t have children and not experience the phenomenal feeling of fulfillment that comes with parenthood.

Surrogate Mom, Kalie, Illinois

 I had wonderful pregnancies and enjoyed being pregnant. I think that bringing life into the world is the most amazing and beautiful thing I have ever experienced. I knew my own family was complete so when a friend asked if it was ever something I would consider it wasn’t even a question for me. If I could help complete a family then I felt that it was my journey to do so.

Surrogate Mom, Meriel, Hawaii

How did you explain surrogacy to your own children? And how did it affect them?

 I told them mommy is going to have a baby for someone else that can’t. It hasn’t affected them much as of right now. They are excited mommy has a baby in her tummy.

Surrogate Mom, Rachel, Montana

 I was very open with them from the start that I was going to help another family. They went on the journey with me and are still very close with our couple and their child still. I answered all of their questions and kept very open communications throughout.

Surrogate Mom, Katie, Ohio

 We have a unique situation with two of our children being adopted at birth with open adoptions and one being conceived through IVF as a donated embryo. With all the conversations that already go on around our house on a daily basis, it was very easy to explain. It seemed very easy for them to grasp and they are all very excited to be helping someone else. It did make them want me to have another baby for us after but that was easy to talk them out of by explaining that the reason dad and I don’t want any more children is so that we can focus all our attention on them and babies take alot of attention.

Surrogate Mom, Holly, Maryland

 I told them (They were all young at the time, so it was pretty simple) that there was a mommy who couldn’t have a baby because her tummy wasn’t working, and told them that I was going to have a baby for her so she could be a mommy like me.

Surrogate Mom, Tracy, Utah

Can you describe the moment your IP’s were handed their child, or saw them for the first time? If you are not at this stage, what will this moment mean to you?

 It was a surreal experience for them. All the time waiting and anticipating had finally come to an end and they were completely awe struck. They were so in love with their new baby at first site.

Surrogate Mom, Brittany, North Carolina

 It was so amazing to see Intended Mom’s face when her daughter was delivered. I will never forget the sheer joy on her face when she saw her baby for the first time. It had been a long, difficult struggle for those particular parents, and they still refer to me as their, “hero.” She held on to that baby so tightly when she was born.

Surrogate Mom, Nadine, Pennsylvania

 The moment my Intended Parent’s saw their baby girl for the first time was the moment that made every bit of difficulty through pregnancy and delivery worth it. The joy and gratitude expressed was unbelievable and so touching. There is no feeling quite like it. Tears, smiles, laughter, and lots of hugs! I thought meeting my own children was a beautiful moment, seeing a family in this scenario meet their child for the first time after personally giving birth to her was equally, if not more, incredible.

Surrogate Mom, Charlena, Colorado

 There are no words to describe it. That is a moment etched in my mind that will never fade. It was pure and beautiful and incredible. It’s so humbling to see what they trusted you with and that a higher power blessed everyone involved with. It is Love.

Surrogate Mom, Jackie, Kansas

What is the best thing about being a surrogate?

Helping a longing couple, many with years of failures, sadness and disappointment, to become parents. We have been so fortunate to also have created life long friendships with our intended parents.

Surrogate Mom, Molly, Maryland

Honestly it was unforgettable experience in so many ways but definitely to see their love for their child and knowing I was apart of it! To get pictures of him as he grows up knowing it was because I said yes!

Surrogate Mom, Kasey, Georgia

The best thing is knowing that I gave something to someone that they might not have been able to get anywhere else. Being a part of something that is so much bigger than I could ever possibly be and knowing I made a difference in someone’s life. Nothing else in my life has brought me as much joy as knowing I was a surrogate and that I helped two couples become parents, realizing dreams they thought would never come true. Being a surrogate has shown me that miracles can happen and dreams can come true.

Surrogate Mom, Julie, Maryland

 The joy of helping to grow a family! Seeing the joy each month when they FaceTime me so I can watch them play with their little guy! It’s indescribable.

Surrogate Mom, , Texas

What would you say to anyone currently considering becoming a surrogate?

 This is an experience impossible to predict, plan or control, but it will probably be the most moving event of your life. Possibly more so than birthing your own children. It’s just incredible.

Surrogate Mom, Jackie, Kansas

 It is INCREDIBLE. Be humble. Have open and reasonable expectations. Know, whole heartedly, that this is THEIR baby. The latter will help you include them and attempt to do whatever it takes to make sure they’re involved.

Surrogate Mom, Megan, Virginia

 Take this role very seriously, very proudly, and understand the commitments it takes to be a surrogate mother.

Surrogate Mom, Ivy, Texas

 If your considering it, follow your heart and your gut! Surrogacy is so much more that “just being pregnant for someone else”. Its a journey where you are learning about yourself and giving a family the biggest blessing in the world. You will make dreams come true.

Surrogate Mom, Charlena, Colorado