Changes to UK Surrogacy Law for Single Parents

Exploring a change to UK surrogacy law

There has been an excited change to UK surrogacy law. Beginning January 4th, a new UK law provides the same rights to single parents living in the UK as couples going through surrogacy. This applies domestically and internationally. Single parents may now apply for a parental order to become their child’s legal parent. This is true as long as the parents are biologically related to the child. They can also obtain a UK birth certificate for the child reflecting this.

All singles parents living in the United Kingdom who have a child through surrogacy may take advantage of this change in UK surrogacy law retrospectively. They only need submit a parental order petition to the courts before July 2, 2019.

All UK single parents-to-be should go through their surrogacy agency and UK-based counsel to process their parentage rights request.

Surrogacy experts – CSP can navigate changes to UK surrogacy law

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