Surrogate Requirement of Raising a Child

Learning about the surrogate requirement of raising a child

CSP applicants have to meet certain requirements for acceptance as a gestational carrier. In fact, the surrogate requirement if raising a child is among one of the most important. This means that applicants must have given birth to and be raising at least one child of their own.

The reason for the surrogate requirement of raising a child

Someone who has never given birth cannot know what pregnancy is like or be able to answer questions about pregnancy-related issues, risks, childbirth and one’s body reactions to it. Every surrogacy agreement should start with a gestational carrier who has carried a healthy, full-term pregnancy.

As with any relationship, empathy and communication are essential to form a solid basis of trust. The relationship between a surrogate mother and intended parents is central to the success of any surrogacy arrangement. Having empathy for their intended parents, and understanding any anxiety or fears the IPs may be feeling, are crucial in a surrogate mother. An experienced mother has greater empathy for the pain and suffering of infertile couples. A mother raising children of her own is more likely to understand the repercussions her behavior and choices may have towards her intended parents.

Surrogates with child can help make the dream of parenthood come true

Intended parents enter into surrogacy after struggling with fertility challenges. As a result, they are making a large financial, emotional and time commitment. They need the certainty that the surrogate they are working with has demonstrated a proven reproductive history and sound judgement before, during and after pregnancy.

The surrogate requirement of having a child is very important. Ensuring every surrogate mother in our program has had at least one healthy pregnancy and is raising her child(ren) provides safety and security for all parties. It also demonstrates how CSP has always been a trendsetter in the gestational carrier field. Contact us to learn more.