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“I am in my third surrogacy journey with Carole
by my side as always. I have never been happier.”

- Melissa

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We have been creating families and supporting surrogates for more than 39 years. Becoming a surrogate is a tremendous and selfless gift, and our first priority is to support you every step of the way. If you’re considering surrogacy, find out how our national surrogacy agency can help you have a happy, safe and rewarding experience.

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    Get more choices of intended parents and less wait for a match

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    Receive your own dedicated case manager who advocates for you

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    Share your amazing journey and make lifelong friends in surrogate support groups


    Receive financial compensation for your time and medical expenses

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Hundreds of happy CSP surrogates nationwide are delighted to share their experience with you as you consider becoming a surrogate. Our unique Surrogate Ambassador Program can connect you with a former CSP surrogate in your state, so you can learn first-hand how the surrogacy process works and what makes CSP the best choice for every woman interested in becoming a surrogate.

As you consider your future and who you want to trust with your next surrogacy, we invite you to learn more about CSP and the extensive resources we provide to support you. In nearly four decades of matching surrogates with intended parents, we have developed proven processes that help ensure a happy and successful experience for everyone involved in bringing a baby into the world.

Choosing our long-standing, national surrogacy agency can ensure that you have an empowering experience in becoming a surrogate. At CSP, our ethical process ensures that you can make the choices that feel right to you, and that you can really get to know the intended parents you have chosen to help.

Trust your instincts, and don’t settle for a surrogacy experience that feels ethically questionable, sterile or controlled. At CSP, when you become a surrogate, you become part of our extended family, and we will always have your best interests at heart.

Thank you for considering surrogacy, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to learn more about us and how we can support you in a happy surrogacy partnership.


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Our surrogacy agency puts your health and safety first. This is why we have some basic requirements for women who want to be a surrogate. Here’s a quick look at some of the qualifications for surrogates.

                        • Have a BMI of 31 or less
                        • Be between the ages of 21 and 41
                        • Have had at least one child who you are raising
                        • If receiving government assistance, must also have a source of income
                        • Non-smoker
                        • Free of medications for anxiety or depression for at least one year under doctor guidance

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