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Surrogacy for Lesbian Parents

Learn more about surrogacy for lesbian parents

Our surrogacy agency supports many same-sex female couples who want to grow their families through surrogacy for lesbian parents. For various reasons, many women are unable to carry their own babies. We understand the intricacies of this journey and are honored to support women as they navigate this path.

How surrogacy for lesbian parents works

Our inclusive approach to surrogacy started in 1989, when we helped our first gay couple become parents. More than 30% of the parents we work with are LGBTQ singles or same-sex couples. You can be confident that we will match you with a gestational surrogate who supports the LGBTQ community and has already chosen you as someone she wants to help.

  • Carefully screened surrogates. One of the biggest steps of surrogacy for lesbian parents is choosing a surrogate that will give you the best chance of having a baby. All CSP surrogates go through extensive physical and psychological testing. Because our surrogates are carefully pre-screened before being presented to you for matching, there is no risk that the surrogate you choose will be disqualified after you have already invested in her testing process.
  • Deciding who will provide the egg. If you and your partner both have healthy eggs, you will need to decide who will provide the biological material. In some cases, both parents decide to contribute genetic material, and may want to freeze eggs or embryos for a future sibling. Should you need donor eggs, we are happy to connect you with our partner egg donor agency, Ovation® Donor Services, which offers customized lots of frozen donor eggs to make the process more affordable and effective.
  • Selecting a sperm donor. As a sperm donor is a necessary component of this exciting journey to motherhood, we can connect you with a highly reputable sperm donor agency. Or, you may have a known sperm donor you’d like us to work with.
  • Storage of reproductive material. Should you wish to preserve frozen eggs, embryos or your donor’s sperm for a future biological sibling, we can give you access to secure long-term storage through an exclusive partnership with Ovation® Fertility Storage Solutions.
  • Same-sex surrogacy laws. Surrogacy for lesbian parents is regulated by a variety of laws, and we are committed to helping you navigate them successfully. We will connect you with a lawyer who is well-versed in the surrogacy laws of your area. CSP’s nationwide approach to surrogacy can be a big advantage for LGBTQ parents. If you live in a state or country with less-friendly surrogacy laws, we can help you choose a CSP surrogate in a U.S. state that offers better legal protections for you, your surrogate and your baby.
  • Communication support. After the life-changing moment when your gestational surrogate informs you of her positive pregnancy test, we will help you create a plan for how involved you’ll be in the pregnancy and birth. If you and your partner want to stay in touch with your surrogate after you bring your baby home, we are happy to facilitate that ongoing relationship.
    We understand what an important experience surrogacy is for any hopeful parent. Our team will help you at every step, from selecting your surrogate, to the heartwarming day that your beautiful baby is placed into your arms.

The next steps towards motherhood

If you’re ready to move forward with surrogacy for lesbian parents, the first step is completing CSP’s easy online application. Next, we will reach out to help you complete your application process and set up your first meeting with your dedicated case manager. Medical testing for the parent who will provide her eggs is the next step, and once that parent has been cleared for IVF, it’s time to select your ideal gestational surrogate.

Our surrogacy agency is honored to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a mother. Contact us for more information about surrogacy for lesbian parents.