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Surrogacy for Single Men

Learn more about surrogacy for single men

Our surrogacy agency helps many men become fathers through surrogacy for single men. We treat every man with compassion and understand that happy families come in all forms.

Since our surrogacy agency was founded in 1980, we have consistently supported the idea that everyone who wishes to become a parent should have that opportunity. Supporting single parents in creating their families is one of our most fulfilling responsibilities, and we would be honored to help you travel your own unique path to parenthood.

The process of surrogacy for single men

The process of surrogacy for single men is very similar to the process for any hopeful parents who need a little help to have a baby. To ensure that you have a smooth experience with surrogacy, we provide extensive guidance and support at each step of the process.

  • Selecting a healthy surrogate. After you decide to move forward with surrogacy and have completed all required fertility testing, we match you with a surrogate who has already been pre-qualified and who has chosen you as someone she would like to help. All of our gestational surrogates undergo comprehensive evaluations for physical and psychological health, so there is no risk that the surrogate you choose will be disqualified after the match. This intensive pre-screening process sets CSP apart from other surrogacy agencies that ask hopeful parents to pay for screening after a match is already made, increasing the financial risk of a match falling through.
  • Altruistic gestational surrogates. We take pride in only working with surrogates who choose this path because they want to give a priceless gift to someone else. Regarding surrogacy for single men, our surrogacy agency will ensure that you are matched with a surrogate who is enthusiastically supportive of your special family makeup.
  • Egg donor selection. Because you will need an egg donor, we are happy to connect you with our partner agency, Ovation® Donor Services. There, you will find a large database of pre-qualified egg donors, as well as an immediately accessible frozen egg bank. After an embryologist fertilizes your donor eggs with your sperm, your surrogate’s fertility doctor will transfer the healthiest embryo to her uterus.
  • Surrogacy laws for single men. While surrogacy laws for single men are often the same as they are for couples, there are sometimes slight differences. Some states and countries have more friendly surrogacy laws than others. To ensure that every aspect of your surrogacy experience is successful, we will connect you with a reputable surrogacy lawyer who understands your local laws and the laws of the state in which your U.S. surrogate resides.
  • Fostering clear communication. Once you receive the wonderful news that your gestational surrogate is pregnant, we will help you and your surrogate develop a plan for how you’ll participate in the pregnancy and birth. If you and your surrogate wish to stay in touch after your baby is born, we are delighted to help support that ongoing relationship in any way we can.

Becoming a father is one of life’s most important milestones, and we want to ensure that your experience is as positive and joyful as it can be. Our entire experienced team is eager to help as you take every amazing step toward welcoming your baby into the world.

Begin the journey toward fatherhood

If you’re ready to move forward with surrogacy for single men, we are honored to have the opportunity to help you create your family. To begin, complete our online application. Next, we will contact you to start the process and schedule your first meeting with your surrogacy case manager. After you have completed simple fertility testing, you will have the exciting opportunity to select the surrogate who will help you make your family complete.

We’re honored to be by your side as you experience the wonder of creating new life. Contact us for more information about surrogacy for single men.