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Find Egg Donors

Sometimes, hopeful parents need to find egg donors on their surrogacy journey

Every journey to create a family looks different. At the Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP), we think that’s beautiful. While some hopeful parents can use their own eggs during a surrogacy cycle, others may need to search for egg donors. As the oldest surrogacy agency in the world, we have extensive experience helping men and women find egg donors and surrogates.

To help make the process of finding an egg donor even more streamlined, we’ve joined Ovation® Fertility. Ovation is the result of collaboration among the brightest minds in reproductive medicine. It also gives hopeful parents access to eggs from diverse and highly screened donors as well as a Euploid Embryo Guarantee® option for eligible patients.

Joining forces to help men and women find egg donors

Working with Ovation means that hopeful parents who come to CSP for surrogacy gain a wealth of advantages when they search for egg donors.

Highly screened egg donors. Each Ovation egg donor has undergone screening to assess her reproductive, genetic, physical and psychological health. Ovation donors do not have sexually transmitted infections or a history of smoking or drug use. Only the top 1% of applicants become Ovation egg donors.

Diverse and highly qualified egg donors. We realize that the men and women who visit CSP come from different backgrounds. Ovation actively recruits egg donors from various ethnic backgrounds. They also have different talents, hobbies, interests and skills, making it easier for hopeful parents to find the right donor for their family.

Euploid Embryo Guarantee. When Ovation embryologists create embryos using donor eggs, they can screen them to determine which ones are free of chromosomal abnormalities. This allows the fertility doctor to only transfer embryos that have the highest likelihood of developing into a healthy baby during a surrogate pregnancy.

Start the search for egg donors

If you’re ready to find egg donors, click here to start the simple process to register for the Ovation donor portal. Together, CSP and Ovation are proud to help hopeful parents have healthy babies through egg donation and surrogacy.