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Surrogacy Costs

When considering surrogacy costs, you need to understand what you get from an agency

It’s impossible to put a price on the joy that comes with parenthood. However, for people who need to build a family through surrogacy, it’s normal to have many questions about surrogacy costs and what is included.

The Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) is the world’s oldest surrogacy agency, and our surrogates have helped welcome more than 3,000+ babies into the world. When you partner with us, your surrogacy fees give you access to more than just a match. You also benefit from our vast experience, proven processes, national size and a long track record of success.

US surrogate mothers. Every surrogate at CSP is based in the United States. CSP has always had babies gain entry to their home countries after birth.

Comprehensive surrogate screening. Our surrogates have undergone psychological and medical screening before they are matched, so they have already met CSP’s high eligibility standards.

Committed surrogates. CSP has never had a surrogate back out of a surrogacy arrangement or change her mind.

LGBT-friendly surrogacy agency. We were the first surrogacy agency to help a gay couple become fathers.

More surrogates available. CSP always has 40-60 surrogates in the screening process.

Experienced team. We work with the most experienced professionals in the field, including attorneys, counselors and fertility doctors.

Find the right fit for you with our gestational surrogacy packages

Our US surrogacy agency offers different ways to help parents conceive using surrogacy. Your surrogacy costs will vary depending on which package you select.

Gestational surrogacy. You will use the eggs from you or your partner to create embryos from your partner or a donor. A fertility doctor will transfer the resulting embryo to your surrogate’s uterus.

Gestational surrogacy with donor eggs. CSP works with Ovation® Fertility to provide eggs from highly screened and diverse donors for use with gestational surrogacy.

International gestational surrogacy. Our team offers a comprehensive gestational surrogacy package to help men and women from outside the United States.

Explore the surrogacy costs at CSP

Surrogacy fees will vary depending on several factors, including the surrogacy agency, the surrogacy package and the location in the United States. At our surrogacy agency, our surrogacy costs vary from $120,000 to $150,000, depending on various factors, including medical protocol.

These costs will include surrogate compensation and reimbursement, medical costs, medical insurance, and psychological support and screening.

To make surrogacy more affordable, CSP has partnered with fertility financing companies. We can provide a list of companies that can help bring your dream of parenthood within your reach.

Contact us to learn more and receive an estimated cost sheet. We’re happy to tell you more about the cost of partnering with our experienced team to welcome a baby through surrogacy. We look forward to helping you on your journey to meeting your child.