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Surrogacy with Egg Donation Prices

Learn everything you need to know about surrogacy and egg donation prices

It shouldn’t be difficult to find information about surrogacy and egg donation prices, but at some surrogacy agencies, it is. In contrast, you’ll find full pricing transparency at the Center for Surrogate Parenting, an Ovation® company. As the world’s longest-operating surrogacy agency, we believe that you deserve honest communication about pricing.

Exploring the cost of surrogacy at CSP

When you need both surrogacy and egg donation to have a baby, you must consider the cost of two separate processes.

Navigating the fees associated with the surrogacy aspect of your journey can be complex and overwhelming. All intended parents need a supportive, experienced financial team to walk them through all fees associated with surrogacy. At CSP, we offer transparent pricing for hopeful parents exploring surrogacy and egg donation, along with full support to help you take control of your surrogacy expenses.

In four decades serving intended parents, CSP has developed a complete, easy-to-understand estimated cost sheet for the surrogacy aspect of your journey. This cost sheet is customized for each surrogate, so you can be confident that you will only pay for what’s needed.

Our cost sheets are an excellent example of the transparency and experience that CSP provides. There are important costs to consider at every step of your journey.

  • Pre-screening. CSP prides itself on pre-screening every surrogate prior to matching, and ensuring that intended parents only pay these fees for the surrogate they work with.
  • Surrogacy compensation. It’s important to understand the difference between base compensation and actual compensation. CSP provides accurate, actual compensation figures in advance, so you know exactly what your costs will be.
  • Insurance. With CSP, you will be presented with only pre-screened surrogates, along with an outline of any expected insurance expenses. Insurance is imperative to a safe and successful journey, and it’s very important that you understand all insurance benefits before selecting your surrogate.
  • Surrogate expenses. Travel, medical services and pregnancy all carry additional expenses, which are covered by the intended parent. CSP provides complete estimates that include these expenses, so you know what to expect.
  • Total price. The surrogacy journey alone can range from $95,000 to $130,000+. Your total cost will depend on many variables, most of which are surrogate-dependent. With CSP, a financial counselor is assigned to your account to educate you about your expected costs. CSP ensures that your surrogate’s trust account pays out correctly, and that any unused balance is returned to you.
  • Time. Your time is important, and waiting for a surrogate to meet your financial requirements can be frustrating. CSP provides up-front expected financials and matching times for your unique situation, so that you can feel confident, secure and prepared.

Each surrogacy journey is different because people are unique, and their needs vary. From your initial consultation, CSP will help you evaluate your specific needs and provide honest, transparent expected costs.

We use real examples of others’ surrogacy and egg donation journeys to help you compare costs, and we educate you about everything included in your journey. Your total cost will depend on the surrogate with whom you are matched. CSP is here to provide everything you need to ensure that your match is also a good match for your financial situation.

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Learn about egg donation prices

While CSP is a surrogacy agency, and doesn’t provide matching services for egg donation, we do offer you the added benefit of a close partnership with one of America’s most innovative egg donation agencies.

CSP has joined forces with Ovation® Donor Services, a collaboration of the brightest minds in reproductive medicine. Through Ovation, parents who work with CSP have access to highly screened egg donors from a wide variety of backgrounds.

If you choose to use egg donation as part of your surrogacy cycle, Ovation offers multiple donors to choose from, as well as full support from an Ovation egg donor coordinator. All of the donors in Ovation’s database are intensively pre-screened and have already undergone egg retrievals, and their frozen eggs are ready and waiting to be shipped to your fertility specialist. Ovation egg donor coordinators can help you decide how many eggs you’ll likely need to achieve your family-building goals, whether you hope for just one child or siblings down the road.

To learn more about specific egg donation pricing, please visit Ovation Donor Services or contact a CSP team member.

Find more information about surrogacy and egg donation prices

Our caring, knowledgeable surrogacy experts are happy to answer all questions about surrogacy and egg donation prices. It’s a big decision to create a family through surrogacy and egg donation. Our goal is to help you feel empowered and confident every step of the way.

If you’d like to know more about surrogacy and egg donation prices, or would like an estimated cost sheet, please contact us.