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Experienced Surrogates

How we support experienced surrogates

As a world-renowned surrogacy agency, we’ve supported thousands of experienced surrogates in helping hopeful parents fulfill their dream of welcoming a healthy baby into their family. We have the utmost respect for the integrity and selflessness of surrogates, and we feel honored to provide quality support during the incredible experience of gestational surrogacy.

Questions experienced surrogates often have

If you’re searching for a new surrogacy agency, it’s smart to ask a lot of questions to make sure you find the right fit.

How much experience does your agency have?

It’s important to find an agency that is well-versed in the medical, emotional, financial and legal components of gestational surrogacy. Our agency is the most experienced in the world and has a wealth of knowledge about how to help you expertly navigate this amazing process.

What types of hopeful parents do you support?

Our agency only assists hopeful parents who have a medical reason for needing a surrogate. Our program is open to both men and women; people who are single, partnered or married; and U.S. citizens as well as people from all over the world. Experienced surrogates working with our agency can feel good knowing that the couple or individual they match with truly cannot have a biological child without their help.

What is your philosophy about gestational surrogacy?

We believe surrogacy is a respectful exchange that fosters a relationship that enhances the lives of both the hopeful parents and the surrogate. We encourage open and ongoing communication between parents and surrogates, and our experienced team of case managers and counselors is here to help facilitate and support that connection throughout the surrogacy process and beyond.

How will I be treated?

We have the highest regard for your willingness to help someone welcome a baby into their family. When working with our agency, you can expect to receive clear and comprehensive communication, as well as support with medical, emotional and legal considerations. Our gestational surrogates’ health and happiness are our highest priority, and we will be with you each step of the way.

Is there a good chance you’ll find me a match?

We have more hopeful parents than surrogates, so if you meet our surrogate requirements, you can expect to be matched quickly.

What compensation do you provide?

There are various factors that affect compensation, but our experienced surrogates typically receive between $51,000 and $68,000.

While there are numerous agencies you can choose to work with, we’re confident our longstanding, well-respected surrogacy agency can offer you the most supportive, knowledgeable and positive experience as a surrogate. We are so excited to get to know you and to help you continue to fulfill your dream of helping others become parents.

Next steps

Once you decide to move forward with CSP, you can start the process by filling out our online surrogate application Once you have submitted your application, one of our coordinators will reach out to schedule a phone interview, where we’ll learn more about your surrogacy experiences and discuss what needs to happen to get you matched with the hopeful parents of your choice.

Because this is such a big and meaningful decision, we want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible when deciding to work with our surrogacy agency. Our team is always happy to connect and answer questions. Contact us to learn more about how we support experienced surrogates.