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See profiles of intended parents looking for a surrogate

CSP is a global surrogacy agency that has been creating families for 40 years and is in high demand with hopeful parents from all over the United States and the world. CSP always has intended parents looking for a surrogate and wanting to be matched.

Our unique matching process allows approved surrogates to review several profiles of intended parents who need a surrogate, and CSP’s surrogates get to choose who they would be willing to work with. Then, those parents are able to choose from the group of surrogates who are already committed to working with them.

Guiding everyone through this process is a team of mental health professionals to ensure compatibility with each person’s “wish list.” Knowing that you selected each other creates a solid foundation for the relationship you will enjoy throughout your surrogacy journey together.

Find people who need a surrogate

To create even stronger relationships among surrogates and parents, we now grant future surrogates access to our waiting parent profiles earlier in the process than ever before. This way, surrogates can begin learning about all the individuals and couples who need a surrogate, and thinking about what characteristics are most important to them in creating this very special relationship.

If you’ve been thinking about helping others by becoming a surrogate, you’re only a few steps away from being able to preview our profiles of intended parents looking for a surrogate.

  • Apply online. CSP’s online application process is fast and easy. Complete our application form today.
  • Talk to a coordinator. Once we have your application, we will contact you to schedule a remote consultation with one of our case coordinators. You’ll have the chance to share your thoughts about becoming a surrogate, and to learn about CSP’s screening process and expectations. You can ask all of your questions about the surrogacy process and CSP’s program, and tell us about the type of relationship you’d like to have with the hopeful parents you help.
  • Get access to our database of intended parents looking for a surrogate. If you are approved to move ahead with our medical and psychological screening process, you will get immediate access to our database of individuals and couples who need a surrogate. You’ll be able to review their profiles, start thinking about who you’d like to help, and begin a conversation with a counselor about matching.

We have many intended parents looking for a surrogate

As a global surrogacy agency, CSP has waiting parents all over the world. Many are singles or couples who need a surrogate for medical reasons, and a good percentage are gay individuals and couples who can’t have a biological child any other way. All of them need a surrogate to make their dream come true, and they are eager to finally meet the generous woman who will one day place their precious child into their arms.

While some surrogates will choose a hopeful parent early in the process, others may want to wait until they are further in the screening process before they commit to a particular match. CSP will work with you to determine when you are ready for matching.

Please contact us for more information about how you can help intended parents looking for a surrogate. There are so many deserving people who need a surrogate, and our global surrogacy agency encourages you to apply today and get to know them.

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