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Surrogate Groups and Surrogate Ambassador Program

Learn about our surrogate groups and Surrogate Ambassador Program

Are you interested in becoming a surrogate, but have some questions about what’s involved and whether it’s right for you? Many women start by seeking out online surrogate groups to meet other surrogates, but our unique Surrogate Ambassador Program is even better.

When you’re exploring surrogacy with CSP, we hope you’ll take advantage of the chance to connect with the knowledgeable and caring women in our Surrogate Ambassador Program. These ambassadors have served as surrogates through our national surrogacy agency, and they’d love to share their experiences with you.

Meet other surrogates and learn about surrogacy

Our national surrogacy agency has ambassadors across the United States, providing one-on-one support to other women and leading local surrogacy groups.

Once you reach out to a CSP ambassador, she will be happy to meet with you in person if you live in the same area, or to chat with you on the phone. As a member of our Surrogate Ambassador Program, her goal is to help you learn about surrogacy and determine whether it’s right for you.

There’s no pressure to commit, and there’s no cost involved. It’s just a friendly way for you to meet other surrogates who have already experienced the joy of surrogacy and want to help others learn more about the process.

Our ambassadors are open, friendly and ready to help you learn all about the surrogacy journey. They are always happy to answer questions you have about any part of the process. Many ambassadors make lifelong friendships with the prospective surrogates they meet, creating special and meaningful relationships among uniquely caring and compassionate souls.

Find a friend, get support in local surrogacy groups

The women in our Surrogate Ambassador Program do much more than counsel women who are considering surrogacy. If you become a CSP surrogate, you can trust that you’ll always have a friend by your side who shares your passion for helping others.

Beyond helping women learn about surrogacy, our ambassadors provide ongoing support for women who become surrogates in our program. From visiting a surrogate who is on bed rest to providing emotional support during pregnancy, our ambassadors are there to help other surrogates, every step of the way.

We also encourage you to meet other surrogates by attending one of CSP’s local surrogate group meetings in your area. There, you can learn about surrogacy from women in all stages of the process, from those who are just matching with a family to others who are in various stages of pregnancy or have already delivered a baby for deserving parents.

If you have questions about how to become a surrogate, or want to learn more about surrogacy in general, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your local surrogate ambassador or contact our experienced team. Together, we are here to support you in helping others’ dreams come true.