Center for Surrogate Parenting, LLC.

Surrogate FAQs

1. How many births has CSP had?
As of May 2019, we have celebrated over 2,600 births.
2. Is there any wait to be matched with intended parents?
Surrogate mothers are usually matched within one or two weeks of completing their screening.
Because we have intended parents waiting, we will partner with you in any way we can to complete the screening process efficiently.
3. Why should I work with CSP instead of working alone with intended parents I meet on the Internet?

  • CSP is better than going it alone on the internet. You will have a choice of intended parents and these choices are professionally pre-screened. You will read their profiles, look at their pictures, and be able to get more information from our team. Reliable and verified information.
  • The trust account established for you must be fully funded before you begin medication. You will never have to wait for an Intended Parent to write you a check or feel uncomfortable asking for it.
  • If you have any special requests or expectations, your CSP team will negotiate these on your behalf.
  • There are very important necessary conversations that need to occur and it is often easier with a neutral professional involved: expectations for the relationship and the risk of not having those expectations met. Some specific issues to be discussed include antenatal testing, pregnancy termination, multiple pregnancy, MFPR, selective reduction and miscarriage among others.
  • CSP offers surrogate mother support groups and individual counseling from beginning to end.
  • You have the benefit of an experienced administrative staff (for necessary paperwork), counselors and attorney’s all working on your behalf.
  • CSP acts as a very real shield for you and your family.

4. How do I choose the right surrogacy agency?

Do you want an agency that fully supports you throughout your surrogacy, offers frequent communication, wants you to choose the intended parents that you will help, and has surrogate mother support groups in place? Then you have chosen wisely in choosing CSP. Welcome!
Alternatively, you may be a surrogate mother that has busy life or wants to develop her relationship with her intended parents and wants an agency that is less involved. CSP can respect this and will suggest matches to you that reflect your needs. Welcome!
Take your time and think about what is important to you, write it down and then call CSP and let’s work together as a team to make this dream come true.

5. Why should I choose CSP over other agencies?
Three words! Experience! Experience! Experience!
CSP is the most experienced surrogacy program in the world but we are not the largest agency.
CSP has chosen to only assist those intended parents who have a medical reason for participating in surrogacy, so every intended parent you consider really needs your help and cannot have a family without your help.
Our basic philosophy about surrogacy – We do not consider this “rent a uterus”. It is about a respectful exchange; a relationship that changes both the intended parents and surrogate mother in significant and powerful ways.
CSP prides itself on the protection, respect and gratitude we show our lovely surrogate mothers. You, your intended parents and CSP are a team.
We have enough intended parents to ensure you find a perfect match for YOU.
6. Are intended parents medically and psychologically screened?

Yes. Medical and psychological screening is important for everyone involved.

7. Does CSP help gay or same-sex intended parents?

Yes, we helped our first gay intended parents in 1989. They are no longer babies in our program, but young adults in the world.

8. How am I matched?

When you are ready to be matched, you will be presented with the profiles of a few clients that have similar expectations for everything from communication to timing of the transfer. If they do not appeal to you, we continue the process until you find the perfect intended parents for YOU.
Our intended parents are often surprised by our “surrogate chooses first” approach, but their surprise quickly turns to respect. They like the idea that you chose them and you feel connected personally to them.
The relationship between the surrogate mother and intended parent(s) should be mutually respectful and collaborative with a meeting of the minds with regards to expectations of the relationship and the envisioned journey together.

9. How are financial issues handled?

CSP staff will take as much time as you need to go over all your questions about compensation before you begin.
After you are matched your trust account is established.
The intended parents fully fund your trust account based on your specific cost sheet prior to you taking medications for the embryo transfer. We review the account periodically and request additional funds if there have been any unforeseen emergencies.
The trust coordinator assigned to your case will stay in close communication with you and make payments promptly.

10. Why do I need to be screened when I know I want to be a surrogate?

This is your life journey or your quest. CSP wants to understand what you are expecting from this journey.
Screening will help us better understand you so we can help you find the most perfect match and be able to realize your dream of helping your intended parents embrace parenting.
This is a highly emotional and very costly undertaking for the intended parents. They are expecting us to protect them in the same manner we are protecting you.

11. Can I visit your offices?
Yes, yes and yes please!
12. How do I know my intended parents can afford the costs involved?

CSP is transparent regarding the possible costs of surrogacy before your intended parents retain CSP.
CSP holds full trust funds sufficient to cover your fees and expenses throughout the pregnancy.

13. What are the chances of my intended parents achieving a pregnancy with my help?

97% of our intended parents celebrate a pregnancy after one or two embryo transfer attempts. Almost 95% of our intended parents will ultimately go home with a baby thanks to the wonderful help a surrogate mother, like you.

14. What support do you offer surrogate mothers?

You will have a CSP surrogate case manager to help get you started and to answer ongoing questions.
You will have access to a counselor/psychologist for the entire process. This is a key part of our program and differentiates us from the completion. This counselor will walk with you from match meeting until after birth helping