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Learn About Our Surrogate Referral Program

Earn a generous fee through our surrogate referral program

The Center for Surrogate Parenting’s surrogacy program is so popular with hopeful parents worldwide, we are continuously seeking new surrogate mothers to meet demand. To help even more people’s dreams of parenthood come true, we are running a limited-time program that allows anyone to refer healthy, eligible surrogates to begin the screening process with our US surrogacy agency

The surrogate referral program at CSP

If you know a woman who is interested in becoming a gestational surrogate, simply direct her to our US surrogacy agency. When she completes our online application, be sure she includes your name and contact information.

When she gets matched with hopeful parents, signs a contract, and receives medical clearance to proceed, we will thank you by providing a $3,000 referral fee.

Tips for finding potential surrogates

Wherever there are women who are passionate about helping others, you are likely to find a wonderful individual who may want to become a surrogate mother. This makes it possible to earn money at home simply by reaching out to the generous women you already know.

  • Speak to friends and family members to see if they’re interested in surrogacy or know someone who might be.
  • Reach out to women expressing interest in surrogacy on online forums, and encourage them to contact our US surrogacy agency.
  • See if you can leave our pamphlets at local Mommy and Me classes.

As you discuss surrogacy with these women, you can let them know that we screen all hopeful parents to ensure they’re a good fit for our agency. This means they must be open to having a relationship with their surrogate mother and want to be present for the birth of their child.

Many potential surrogates are reassured to learn that CSP sets up a fully funded trust account before our surrogates begin medications, so they will never have to worry about facing unpaid medical bills or lost wages. By ensuring we have a fully funded trust account, we minimize any financial risks to our surrogacy families.

We thank you in advance for your support in helping hopeful parents find their ideal surrogates and create their families. Contact us for more information about our surrogate referral program.