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Surrogate Matching Process

Our surrogate matching process gives you control

Our US based agency for surrogacy has been creating families by connecting surrogates and intended parents for more than four decades. Over time, we’ve developed a unique and successful surrogate matching process that allows both surrogates and parents to choose each other. When you decide to help others as a surrogate, you’ll have more control over the process because you will get to decide who you’d like to help.

The start of our surrogate matching process

If you are exploring being a surrogate, choosing a surrogate agency is a big decision. For many surrogates, having choices and control over the process can make a huge difference. Our surrogate matching process begins with giving the surrogate a choice.

  • First, we send four to five parent profiles to approximately five surrogates. Each surrogate picks her first choice.
  • Next, we let the intended parents review the surrogates who have already chosen them. They can view these surrogates’ profiles and select the one they want to work with.

Our goal is to create a successful relationship from the very start. Because our US based agency for surrogacy is national in scope, we have many parents at any given time who are ready for a match. This allows us to give CSP surrogates control over who they get to help. And, parents also get to choose from a small pool of surrogates who have already passed through pre-screening and are available and interested in helping them grow their families. When you choose each other, trust and commitment grow.

What happens next?

As part of the next step of the surrogate matching process, CSP surrogacy program experts speak with both you and the parents. We ask important questions that range from your thoughts about carrying a child with a disability, to what type of communication you would like to have during the surrogacy cycle. You and the parents will only be paired if you both have the same answers to these questions.

If your answers do match, we will schedule an in-person or Skype/WeChat/Zoom meeting for you and the parents. This is a time for you to ask questions and get to know each other. If you have a remote video meeting, we encourage you to also have an in-person meeting before you become pregnant. We believe it is very important to meet in person, so that everyone feels comfortable with moving forward.

Once the surrogate matching process is complete and contracts are signed, you can get started on the medical process to fulfill your dream to help others as a surrogate.

Contact us if you have any questions about being a surrogate or our matching process. The experienced and caring team at our US based agency for surrogacy is happy to guide you.