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US Surrogacy for International Parents

Explore US surrogacy for international parents

International intended parents make up approximately 50% of the Center for Surrogate Parenting’s program.

Learn more about US surrogacy for international parents with CSP. 

CSP international surrogacy

CSP has been a leading surrogacy agency, offering US surrogacy for international parents for more than 40 years. We have celebrated the birth of more than 3,000 babies! Working with CSP offers the most skilled, experienced and professional team in the industry. There is no surrogacy agency that has been in business longer than CSP. Your journey with CSP begins with a free consultation. Click here to get started.

Working with CSP

We believe there is no greater gift in life than being a parent. We stand ready to help all intended parents who need the help of a surrogate, regardless of their country of residence. We provide the highest-quality services, pre-screened surrogates and a complete concierge experience for all intended parents. 

The first step in US surrogacy for international parents is to schedule a free consultation with a CSP case manager.

What to expect from your CSP consultation:

  • Personal connection to your CSP case manager
  • A detailed timeline of your surrogacy journey
  • Full financial disclosure
  • Review of our surrogate pre-screening and matching process
  • Overview of the legal process
  • Information about how to create a beautiful story for your child about his or her unique beginnings

How CSP supports US surrogacy for international parents

  • Each surrogacy journey with CSP begins with a complimentary consultation. We offer a complete review and guidance about what you can expect with gestational surrogacy.
  • Once you have selected CSP, your case manager works with you to create an online profile to allow you to track your progress, manage all requirements, and match with potential surrogates.
  • Our US surrogacy agency always has 40 to 60 surrogate mothers in the screening process. These surrogates will have their psychological testing, medical testing and background check by the time they are matched.
  • Intended parents can review the complete medical history for each surrogate, including any information about prior pregnancies.
  • Our surrogacy agency assists with matching and provides medical concierge assistance to your surrogate with her medical screening and treatment.
  • The CSP team supports and oversees all legal contracts, expected financial responsibilities, and trust administration.
  • Throughout pregnancy and through delivery, many financial responsibilities must be taken care of. At the Center for Surrogate Parenting, the financial team ensures transparency and timely execution.
  • Financial evaluations take place throughout your journey.
  • Intended parents are able to view their trust account ledgers each month to see every payment that has been made from their account.
  • From beginning to end, your CSP case manager is guiding, advocating, organizing and managing all aspects of US surrogacy for international parents, ensuring that each intended parent and surrogate receive the highest level of care and compassion.

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