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U.S. Surrogacy for International Parents

Explore U.S. surrogacy for international parents

International intended parents make up approximately 51% of the Center for Surrogate Parenting’s (CSP) program. Learn more about U.S. surrogacy for international parents.

CSP international surrogacy

CSP has been a leading surrogacy agency internationally for over 39 years. We have celebrated the birth of over 2,600 babies! There is no other agency in the world that has the experience, both in skilled staff as well as years of operation, or reputation that CSP has. There is no surrogacy agency that has been in business longer than CSP.

Over the years CSP has been referred to as the “gold standard of the industry.” We believe that there is no greater gift in life than in being a parent. We stand ready to help any intended parent that has the desire to become parent, regardless of what country they live in.

For your convenience we have translated an overview of our program into: Spanish and Mandarin and it is available on our website.

Intended parent USA visit – Trip 1

First complete the Parents Apply short form at or you can call our East Coast Office in Maryland at (410) 224-0151 or our West Coast Office in California at (818) 788-8288. Next, attend a consultation with CSP, either in our office or via Skype. Skype consultations can occur over two days at a convenient time. You will speak with an CSP Case Manager, Trust Coordinator, a psychological counselor specializing in surrogacy and an independent attorney who specializes in surrogacy. During your consultation you may address all of your questions and concerns and it will include the following:

  • Detailed outline of how our program works.
  • Financial aspects of surrogacy
  • An overview of the medical aspects of an IVF cycle and if necessary, a discussion of your medical history. We are not doctors and cannot offer you any medical advice. Our team can share our experience with other intended parents with similar conditions. We consult with leading doctors.
  • Surrogate mother screening process and surrogate matching process
  • Gestational surrogacy (IVF), or gestational surrogacy with an egg donor (IVF/ED).
  • What characteristics you want in your surrogate mother, the amount of contact you are comfortable having with your surrogate mother before and after the birth.
  • The issue of terminating a pregnancy in the event of a serious problem, and selective reduction
  • What to tell friends, relatives, and how, what and when to tell your child.
  • Legal documentation required to have you recognized as the legal parents and return home with your child.

U.S. surrogacy for international parents process

You may want to visit an infertility doctor in the United States following the consultation. We are happy to recommend several leading fertility clinics that are convenient to our offices. The infertility specialist will review your medical history, describe cycle coordination and discuss the doctor’s fees and financing programs. This step is not a requirement to begin working with CSP.

PLEASE NOTE: Intended parents cannot retain our services until after they have attended a consultation (in person or via Skype). We cannot match you with a surrogate until you sign and return the retainer agreements. As a result, it is not possible to meet a surrogate during your first trip.

Once you retain our services, CSP and the counseling team begin the process of finding the right surrogate mother for you. Surrogates will view your profile. Once a surrogate mother selects you, you will view her profile. We could ask you to view one or more surrogate profiles to consider. Once you have selected a surrogate mother, we have a match.

Once you have been matched with a surrogate mother it will be necessary to make the first trip to the United States. You should be available for 3-7 days to meet your surrogate mother and her husband/partner, and to finalize your decision to continue the surrogacy process together.

Some intended parents choose to combine meeting their surrogate mother and doing the embryo transfer or insemination in one trip. If you elect to combine the two purposes, you may talk to your potential surrogate mother on the phone several times prior to your trip. Some intended parents prefer to make two separate trips. It is your decision as to which option is most comfortable for you.

Intended parent USA visit – trip 2

A second trip is usually scheduled when your surrogate mother is approximately six months pregnant. During this trip you will visit your surrogate mother and spend some time with her and her family. A trip to the doctor’s office with your surrogate provides an opportunity to meet the doctor who will deliver your baby and a chance to be present for an ultrasound, to see your baby moving, and hear his/her heartbeat. You may also want to take a tour of the hospital where your surrogate mother plans to deliver the baby so you will be familiar with the layout when you return. Most intended parents visit hotels near the hospital in preparation for the birth. Please plan on allowing 2-4 days for this trip.

If possible, try to visit your surrogate mother at least once during the pregnancy, especially if she has a doctor’s appointment. Surrogacy gives you an opportunity to share the joys of this pregnancy.

Intended parent USA visit – trip 3

The third trip is usually for the birth of your child! Parents should plan to arrive in the city where the baby will be born at least one week prior to birth and expect to remain for approximately ten days after your baby has arrived. Remember that you need to obtain a birth certificate for your child and a passport. Organizing and receiving these documents usually takes approximately 10 days after birth.

If a pregnancy is not achieved on the first attempt, additional trips may be necessary. The number of trips depends on how many transfers or inseminations are required for your surrogate mother to get pregnant, and whether the transfer is using fresh or frozen sperm or embryos.

Please note that all of CSP’s business is conducted in English. Please notify us when you schedule your initial consultation in our office if translation services will be needed and we will be happy to arrange for an interpreter to be on site at the time of your meeting. The interpreter’s costs are not covered by CSP. You may request a list of interpreters or professional interpretation agencies from our office. Some intended parents find it easiest for a friend or relative who speaks English to accompany them to the U.S. to be available for their entire visit.

CSP can provide a list of hotels close to our offices. Where possible, we have arranged corporate rates at these hotels. Directions from local airports will also be provided. If you are planning a vacation while attending the consultation, we will be happy to help familiarize you with the local attractions.

At CSP we believe that there is no greater gift in life than in being a parent. Together we can achieve your dream of parenting. We can’t wait to help you celebrate the gift of being a parent! Contact us to learn more about U.S. surrogacy for international parents.

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