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Los Angeles Surrogacy Agency

With more than 40 years of experience Creating Families®, the Center for Surrogate Parenting is recognized as the leading Los Angeles surrogacy agency.

Though our main headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, we aren’t just an LA surrogacy program. We have offices on both the West and East Coasts, and we work with intended parents and surrogates at every point in between.

When people recommend the best LA surrogacy agencies, CSP is always at the top of the list. That’s because our Los Angeles surrogacy agency is the longest-operating surrogacy agency – not just in the California surrogacy marketplace, but in the entire world. Since 1980, we have been trusted innovators, bringing together thousands of hopeful parents and generous women who want to help make their dreams reality.

California surrogacy experts

As a nationwide surrogacy agency, CSP has offices in Los Angeles and Annapolis, Maryland. But we don’t just serve the Washington, DC, and California surrogacy markets. We support surrogates and intended parents in nearly every state, providing local resources and working with trusted local physicians to help create families nationwide.

All of our surrogates are US citizens, and all CSP babies are born in the United States. Because intended parents come to us from all across the United States and the world, our two primary offices are located in major international hub cities. This makes it easier for US and international travelers to meet with us in person, as well as remotely through videoconferencing technology.

Both our LA surrogacy program and our DC-area location can provide the experience, legal expertise and connections you need for a successful surrogacy journey.

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The experienced team at our Los Angeles surrogacy agency office offers a wealth of expertise to help you grow your family. Many of our California surrogacy team members have been with us for decades, and many have served as surrogate mothers themselves. They are eager to share their experience and expertise with you, whether you’re interested in becoming a surrogate or growing your family through surrogacy.

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