Positive Beginnings: Choosing the Best Surrogacy Agency

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Creating a family in a nontraditional way is not a decision that is made without a great deal of thought. For those who have discovered the benefits of surrogacy and have chosen it as a way to start their family, it’s time to take an important next step. Choosing the best surrogacy agency is crucial to the success of the surrogacy.

Differences between private surrogacy and agencies

If you perform a Google search for “surrogacy,” you’ll find a number of informational articles. You’ll also find news stories that provide detailed accounts of surrogacy gone wrong. Like any other service, there are newer, less-experienced agencies that haven’t yet established a track record for successful surrogacy. There are also well-established agencies that have the legal and medical expertise to ensure a successful surrogacy experience.

The cost of private surrogacy may seem lower than the fees required from a professional agency. The surrogacy may include an arrangement with a stranger, or it may be a relative or friend. However, even if the surrogate is a trusted friend or family member, there are specific legal, financial and emotional parameters you need to meet. Contractual obligations provide a legal base and protection for everyone. Even so, private surrogacy arrangements offer few safety nets.

A private or independent surrogacy often lacks the emotional, legal, and medical support found at an experienced surrogacy agency. Even smaller agencies that claim to offer a more personal touch can’t always offer the attention an intended parent or surrogate mother needs. Surrogacy can be an exciting yet highly emotional experience. Clear and accurate answers to all questions throughout the process are essential. Larger, established agencies are better equipped to respond to your needs in a timelier manner. You might find yourself drawn to these agencies when you’re choosing the best surrogacy agency.

The Center for Surrogate Parenting is not only a reputable surrogacy agency, it’s an experienced one. Our roots date back to 1980. Since then, we’ve helped intended parents bring over 2,600 children into the world. That’s a lot of happy endings for families.

Looking at reputation when choosing the best surrogacy agency

Like any customer service-based business, surrogacy agencies must establish a reputation for ethical and professional services. Protecting that reputation comes from providing a high surrogacy success rate, meeting legal requirements and giving support. Additionally, ensuring the intended parents play an active role throughout the surrogacy process is an important factor in its success.

There are a variety of ways to evaluate an agency and to see if it’s the right choice for you.

  • Readily available information: A surrogacy agency should provide a website. It should allows you to review their policies and the steps in the surrogacy process. It should also include other information regarding screenings, financial incentives and the matching process. The CSP website offers information on every aspect of the surrogacy progress.
  • Years in business: There are reasons why a surrogacy agency is still in business after many years. It’s likely because they do things the right way. CSP was the first surrogacy agency. It has stuck to its mission for more than 38 years. Our team provides an ethical, reliable, and professional surrogacy service to those adults who need surrogacy to become parents.
  • Happy clients: Any legitimate agency should provide testimonials from the intended parents and surrogate mothers they’ve worked with. See CSP success stories here. At CSP, many of our clients come to us as the result of referrals from previous clients. And some of our clients have returned, requesting that we help them with additional surrogate pregnancies, so they can grow their families.


Over the years, CSP has assisted intended parents who come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. In order to ensure all aspects of the surrogacy are ethical and legal, we must screen each parent and surrogate. Our experience has taught us that the more we know, the better match we can make for the surrogacy.

We’ve also found that if you are open and honest with us, we can help you deal with any issues that may come up throughout the surrogacy process. Trust is an important part of a surrogacy relationship. CSP is proud of its professional and ethical standards. We strive to create a beautiful surrogacy experience for everyone. Part of that experience is respecting and protecting your privacy.

Helping With tough decisions

For many intended parents, this is their first journey into parenthood. As a result, it can seem overwhelming. There are many decisions need to be made. We can help you with family planning and timing out future surrogacy journeys.

For additional information on surrogacy, please visit our website, www.creatingfamilies.com