Learn more about the many services for surrogates at CSP

Performing a web search for surrogacy agencies yields a variety of results. For a woman who is considering the option of becoming a surrogate mother, choosing the right agency can make a big difference. The right agency can make it a rewarding, life-changing event. The wrong one can be ethically questionable and controlled by inexperienced and unprofessional staff. Learn about the services for surrogates we provide at CSP to make the experience great.

Why CSP?

The Center for Surrogate Parenting offers an established record of providing surrogacy services for nearly 40 years. In fact, no other agency has been providing surrogacy services as long as we have. Our professional staff, the services for surrogates we offer and the care we provide set us apart. Our goal is not only to support both surrogates and the intended parents, but to ensure that we’ve provided caring, ethical, and legally binding surrogacy services. We believe that once you understand the facts about CSP, you’ll know it is the right choice for you.

Choosing a surrogacy agency by looking at services for surrogates

We realize that there are many options when it comes to choosing a surrogacy agency. Before choosing the best option, it’s important to first understand your expectations as a surrogate mom. Determine any limitations you have with regard to the intended parents and what sort of relationship you expect. Some surrogates seek a close bond with the intended parents. Others prefer a relationship that more closely resembles a respectful business partnership.

CSP provides an experienced, professional staff of counselors, attorneys and case managers. We also offer medical, financial and prescreening coordinators. Our team reviews every surrogacy agreement for any legal, ethical, or financial issues. This protects our CSP surrogates. By maintaining a separation of our professional staff, we avoid any issues caused by a conflict of interests.

The importance of CSP surrogates

Surrogates are the heart of our agency. We feel a strong connection with each woman who comes to us seeking to help a deserving individual or couple become a parent. Some potential surrogates may find our screening process and requirements for becoming a surrogate a bit overwhelming. In fact, other agencies may have more lenient policies. However, CSP has successfully guided thousands of surrogate pregnancies, resulting in around 2600 births. That would not be possible without our devoted, selfless surrogate mothers.

CSP matching services as one of the services for surrogates

Throughout the past four decades, we’ve learned that the match process is crucial to the success of the surrogacy. As such, we work diligently to find the best match. Not all agencies offer the same level of service. In fact, many don’t allow their surrogate mothers to select the intended parents they want to help.

Protecting each woman with services for surrogates

The health and safety of our surrogates are of utmost importance to us. Our adherence to confidentiality protocols to protect the privacy of surrogate mothers is second-to-none. Each step in our surrogate acceptance process is important to the surrogacy’s success. The surrogate review process starts with an online application requesting preliminary information. We ask questions about past pregnancies, medications, insurance, height and weight.

If we approve the application, we move you onto the next step. Next is a phone interview with your Surrogate Mother Coordinator. This call provides information about the surrogacy process. It also discusses the required medical and psychological testing, requirements, and expectations. From there, we continue with your screenings and provide a great deal of information. While it may seem like a complicated process, it is essential that the surrogate understands how the surrogacy process and every parties’ rights.

Compensation for surrogates

We’ve learned that financial gain isn’t the primary reason why women choose to become surrogate mothers. In fact, it is the deep emotional bond that develops between the surrogate and the intended parents that most find so rewarding. However, the compensation is a relevant part of the surrogacy arrangement.

As a result, the CSP goal is to make sure that our surrogate mothers have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of their commitment. Once the surrogate and the intended parents agree to the match, a trust fund is set up to cover all medical costs before the transfer of any embryos. Professionals monitor the account periodically and replenish it if there are unforeseen or emergency circumstances.

Support at the Level You Need

CSP will work with you to provide the level of support you need for a rewarding, enjoyable surrogacy experience. From the moment we accept you as a surrogate, we work with you to meet  your expectations. Each surrogate has a case manager who provides support, answers questions and deals with issues as needed throughout the surrogacy process.