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Comparing Surrogacy Agencies

Comparing surrogacy agencies

A decision to create a family in a nontraditional way is always made with a great deal of thought. For those who choose surrogacy to start or grow their families, comparing surrogacy agencies is an important, and often intimidating, first step toward a successful surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy agencies support intended parents looking for surrogates, and assist them on their path to parenthood. However, all agencies are not equal in their choice of available surrogates, their surrogate screening processes, and the overall support and guidance they can provide to intended parents.

When choosing surrogacy, your agency’s support is crucial – not only to the success of your surrogacy process, but to the future of your surrogate family parenting experience.

Understanding your options

It can be difficult to find clear and reliable information about surrogacy, so many people don’t fully understand their options when comparing surrogacy agencies and approaches.

If you search for the word “surrogacy” online, you’ll find countless articles. And, when you explore the topic on social media, you’ll quickly encounter conflicting recommendations, some stories of surrogacy gone wrong, and many advertisements for agency services.

To simplify, there are typically three options for surrogacy.

  1. Private surrogacy/independent matching. You find your own surrogate, and proceed without any assistance.
  2. Matching agencies. These agencies provide you a potential surrogate, but don’t provide continued support after the match.
  3. Full-service agencies. These agencies guide you from the initial consultation past delivery, ensuring the process is well-supported. The Center for Surrogate Parenting, an Ovation® company, is a full-service surrogacy agency.

To compare these options, it’s important to understand how each one operates.

Comparing private surrogacy to full-service surrogacy agencies

People often pursue private surrogacy because the cost seems lower than a professional agency. Private surrogacy may include an arrangement with a stranger who has offered her services as a surrogate through a website. Or, the surrogate may be a relative or friend.

Even if the surrogate is a trusted friend or family member, there are specific legal, financial and emotional parameters to meet. Contracts must provide legal protection for everyone in the surrogacy arrangement. Even so, private surrogacy arrangements offer few safety nets. Private or independent surrogacy often lacks the emotional, legal and medical support that a full-service agency can provide.

We recommend you take advantage of our free consultation and discuss the option of private surrogacy with an experienced CSP intended parent case manager. CSP is not only a reputable surrogacy agency, it’s an experienced one, with roots dating back to 1980. We know the surrogacy world inside and out, and can provide expert guidance and insight about the pros and cons of all options available to you.

Apply here to have a CSP case manager reach out to assist you.

Full-service vs. matching agencies

Like any customer-service-based business, surrogacy agencies vary drastically in the services they provide.

When evaluating agencies, it’s important to look for integrity and transparency. You need to trust your agency, work with professionals who know the process, and receive complete financial information. An agency’s reputation for ethical and professional services is paramount.

When comparing surrogacy agencies, it can be difficult to determine if an agency can provide full service or just a potential surrogate match. It can also be difficult to determine your personal financial risk should your doctor not approve the potential match. This is why pre-screening of surrogates is so important.
Knowing how your agency supports you through treatment and pregnancy can help you determine if the agency supports a full-service surrogacy experience.

Comparing surrogacy agencies to find the perfect fit

Services performed: A surrogacy agency should provide a complete and comprehensive explanation of the entire process of surrogacy, as well as how the agency functions from the beginning to post-delivery. CSP case managers are with you from the initial consultation and assist at every aspect of the process.

Readily available information: A surrogacy agency should allow you to review their policies and the steps in the surrogacy process, as well as other pertinent information. The CSP website offers information about every aspect of the surrogacy progress.

Transparency of financials: An agency should provide you with clear, complete and transparent financials for a surrogacy journey. Notations of “cost to be determined” or “not evaluated” make it impossible to accurately compare costs across agencies. From your initial consultation, CSP provides a transparent and complete financial estimate, and we are happy to discuss the complexities of the expenses in our free consultation.

Years in business: When a successful surrogacy agency is still in business after many years, it’s likely because they do things the right way. CSP was the first surrogacy agency, and it has stuck to its mission for more than 40 years.

Happy clients: Any legitimate agency should provide testimonials from the parents and surrogates they’ve worked with. Many CSP clients come to us through referrals from previous clients. Some of our clients have returned, requesting that we help them with additional pregnancies to grow their families.

Professionalism: Over the years, CSP has assisted parents who come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Our parents and surrogates trust us with a great deal of personal and sensitive information. To ensure all aspects of the surrogacy are ethical and legal, we must screen every party. CSP is proud of its professional and ethical standards. We strive to create a beautiful surrogacy experience. Part of that experience is respecting and protecting your privacy.

Next steps for a successful surrogacy journey

Choosing your path to parenthood through surrogacy can feel overwhelming. The best path forward is with knowledge and assistance from professionals who are highly experienced with surrogacy.

CSP offers a free consultation to allow intended parents to learn from the most experienced team of professionals. Apply here to have a CSP case manager contact you to schedule a free consultation, or contact us now to get started.