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Selecting Your Surrogacy Agency

The benefits of a larger surrogacy program

Women who are interested in becoming surrogates typically have many options, from the tiniest agency to a larger surrogacy program. The resources provided by a well-established agency are numerous, and provide security to support your choice in becoming a surrogate.

As a global surrogacy agency, serving men and women our headquarters in the United States, CSP offers many benefits for women interested in switching to a financially secure agency with a list of intended parents waiting to be matched.

  • Longevity. CSP has been connecting hopeful parents with gestational surrogates for four decades – longer than any other agency in the world. CSP has spent decades perfecting the surrogacy screening and matching process.
  • Faster matching. CSP always has a large pool of waiting parents from all over the world, so you will have a choice of intended parents.
  • More choice. CSP lets approved surrogates review profiles of multiple waiting parents early in the process, and you can choose the ones you’d like to work with.
  • Experienced professionals. CSP has a large team of surrogacy experts who have been with us for decades, supporting surrogates and parents.
  • Remote capabilities. CSP is happy to work with intended parents and surrogates remotely, when travel or office visits aren’t possible. Our unique online system provides 24/7 access to every detail of each case, so our team, surrogates and parents can immediately access all the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Switching surrogacy agencies

In challenging times, newer and smaller surrogacy agencies may not have the resources to survive. One of the benefits of choosing to work with a larger surrogacy program, such as CSP, is that we are well-equipped to weather any storm, including economic crises and a global pandemic. Even in hard times, CSP is always seeking future surrogates – and our arms are open to those interested in switching surrogacy agencies due to a small surrogacy agency closure or an extended wait to be matched with intended parents.

Our hearts go out to any surrogates and hopeful parents who may be facing a surrogacy agency closure or temporary shutdown. CSP has experienced uninterrupted business, and we continue managing our existing cases and matching our surrogates.

If you are looking for open surrogacy agencies, have experienced a surrogacy agency closure, or are interested in switching surrogacy agencies, know that CSP is going strong and is actively recruiting, screening and matching gestational surrogates.

Complete our application form today, or contact us to learn more about how CSP is working to continuously support surrogates and families.

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