Center for Surrogate Parenting, LLC.

Christene Anthony

Intended Parent Case Manager

Christene Anthony began her career in business in 1980 focusing on marketing within the wholesale mortgage banking industry.

In 1987 she embarked on a Masters program in Marriage and Family Therapy and attained her MA degree in 1989.

For a few years she counselled in an elementary school and private practice but returned to corporate business working the Silicon Valley in Corporate External Affairs, specializing in company philanthropy and large community volunteer projects. It was exciting being a part of a booming business climate in the tech industry.

For fun, in the evenings, she taught English as a Second Language to adults. In this setting, she met people from all over the world and became familiar with many different cultures. Her love for understanding how culture impacts thinking and daily life began then. From that point, she has developed many great relationships with people from numerous countries.

In the years prior to joining CSP, Christene worked as an independent counselor with Counseling Associates, the psychological team associated with CSP. She assisted intended parents and surrogate mothers in the relationship aspects of their surrogacy journey. This counseling experience helps her offer you exceptional insight into that very unique bond.

During her time away from work, Christene loves gardening, going out dancing, and enjoys cooking for friends, although she is the first to admit that the conversation is usually much better than the food.

One of Christene’s greatest joys is travel. Some of her favorite trips were to Seoul, Paris, London, China, Canada, Mexico, and Italy. Locally, she enjoys the desert, beaches and mountains. The fun part about living in California, is that these are all available year round.

Christene lives in Orange County, California.