New Year, New Surrogacy Goal – Build a Family Through Surrogacy

Make a surrogacy goal for 2020 – Build a family through surrogacy

If this past year found you dreaming of a future baby, our US surrogacy agency can transform your New Year by helping you create a family through surrogacy. As the New Year signals a fresh start, there’s no better time to set a surrogacy goal and take the next step to make your family complete.

Who needs to set a surrogacy goal?

Our US surrogacy agency welcomes intended parents from all walks of life – men and women, single and married, heterosexual and LGBTQ+, US and international citizens. If you’re ready to set a surrogacy goal and expand your family this year, we are ready to help.

Women who cannot carry a pregnancy because of uterine issues, preexisting health conditions, hysterectomy or challenges with previous pregnancies may need to find a surrogate when they want to have a baby. Some women, as well as same-sex male couples and single men, will need both a surrogate and an egg donor to welcome a child.

How to build a family through surrogacy

We make creating a family with surrogacy as simple as possible, with experienced professionals to guide you through every step of the process.

  • Step one. Complete our short application, then schedule an in-person or virtual consultation with our US surrogacy agency. At this meeting, you can ask questions about how to build a family through surrogacy and learn all about our unique process. You’ll also meet our friendly staff, an experienced surrogacy attorney, and a psychologist who specializes in surrogacy.
  • Step two. Next, you’ll meet with your primary support team at our agency, including your case manager and dedicated counselor.
  • Step three. Your fertility doctor will recommend any necessary medical testing, which often consists of a blood test and other straightforward evaluations. If you need a fertility specialist, we can connect you with an outstanding reproductive endocrinologist who can assist you.
  • Step four. We will help you write a profile and collect photos that we will submit for review by potential gestational surrogates. You’ll then receive the profiles of surrogates who are interested in helping you. After you select your top choice, you can spend some time getting to know her to ensure a good match.
  • Step five. Through IVF, an embryo will be transferred to your surrogate’s uterus, and along with you, your CSP care team will excitedly await the results of the pregnancy test. After a successful transfer, we help you develop a plan for being involved in the pregnancy and birth. And finally, you will get to bring home your bundle of joy!

We look forward to supporting you on the heartwarming journey of welcoming a new baby into your family. Contact us for more information about how to set a surrogacy goal and build a family through surrogacy.