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Have a Baby Through Surrogacy

How we can help you have a baby through surrogacy

Have a Baby Through SurrogacyAt the Center for Surrogate Parenting, an Ovation® company, our goal is the same as yours: to help you have a baby through surrogacy. We help you find the surrogate who is the perfect match for you, and we support her through every step of the process of bringing your baby into the world.

Since the founding of our surrogacy agency in 1980, it has been our honor to help bring more than 2,700 babies home to their loving families. Millions of people experience infertility, and countless same-sex couples or single people dream of having children. We believe everyone who wants to have a baby should get to experience the joy of parenthood.

By introducing you to the surrogate who can help make your family complete, we help create the beautiful story of your baby’s unique beginnings. One day, you will be able to tell your child with gratitude about the generous woman who helped to bring him or her into your waiting arms.

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Have a baby through surrogacy, with the support of CSP

With more than four decades of surrogacy agency experience behind us, CSP has built a worldwide reputation for excellence. Choosing a surrogacy agency to grow your family is an important decision, as the support and service you and your surrogate receive can make all the difference.

CSP is different from other surrogacy agencies in several ways.

  • Longevity. CSP is the longest-operating surrogacy agency in the world, founded more than four decades ago, when IVF was a novel new treatment. Since then, we have celebrated thousands of births, and have experienced time and again the joy on the faces of new parents meeting their babies for the first time. Along the way, we have developed time-tested processes that can make your surrogacy journey easy and streamlined.
  • Less risk. CSP extensively pre-screens our surrogates at our own expense, before presenting them to be matched. This intensive medical and psychological pre-screening determines if they’re of optimal physical and psychological health, and ready to proceed. Because we do this so early in the process, you’ll never have to worry about investing money or emotion in a potential surrogate, only to learn that she is not eligible to move forward. Intended parents will only pay the screening expenses for the surrogate who is ultimately approved by their doctor.
  • Transparency. We provide complete transparency and the highest ethical standards at every step of the process. You will receive a complete, detailed estimated cost sheet, and our case managers will discuss every detail of the process with you, so you’ll always know exactly what to expect. Unlike some other agencies, we don’t charge extra for “VIP” treatment or “special packages.” Everyone who comes to us receives the same expert care and attention.
  • High-quality support. From our online surrogacy tracking system to our flexible video conference consultations, we make it easy for you to be an active participant in your surrogacy journey. We also work with leading doctors, attorneys, psychologists and psychotherapists, connecting you to all the resources you need. And, because we are an Ovation® company, you get priority access to donor eggs, if needed, as well as long-term storage for any cryopreserved reproductive material.
    At the heart of it all are our incredible CSP surrogates, who have made a choice to help change others’ lives in the best possible way. It is our privilege to support them as they fulfill their own dreams of helping others’ dreams come true.

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We’re here to helpHave a baby through surrogacy, with the support of CSP

We understand that surrogacy is a significant financial commitment, as well as an emotional and psychological one. Each team member at our surrogacy agency is committed to you having a seamless and joyous surrogacy experience. It is our honor to help you take home the baby that will make your family feel complete.

Contact us to schedule a consultation to learn more about surrogacy with CSP, or complete our online application to be contacted by a CSP case manager.