Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc.


Becoming a parent through surrogacy

Raising a child is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. However, millions of couples experience infertility or other factors beyond their control. In the past, parents who were unable to conceive a child could not create a biological family. The Center for Surrogate Parenting has changed that. It’s now possible to become a parent through surrogacy.

Our dedicated staff has helped thousands of intended parents all over the globe bring more than 2,600 new babies into the world, through surrogacy.

At CSP, we realize you will be full of questions and concerns about how surrogacy works. We want you to consider us your friends along this path.

Some of our programs highlights include:

  • CSP has earned our world wide reputation in excellence
  • CSP has corporate offices in California and Maryland, but our surrogate mothers are located in over 35 states
  • Skype consultations available for your convenience
  • Fully screened surrogate mothers
  • 2-3 months to be matched with a fully screened surrogate mom
  • All surrogate moms are United States citizens
  • Intended Parents track their surrogacy process online
  • CSP works with leading doctors, attorneys, psychologists and psychotherapists
  • CSP is confidential, responsible and ethical

The surrogacy process matches intended parents with gestational carriers, also called surrogates

We work with both individuals and couples to match each family with a woman who has agreed to carry a child through pregnancy. Unlike traditional adoption, surrogacy allows for one or both of the parents to share a genetic bond with their child. Intended parents are not only able to experience the entire gestational time with the surrogate, they can also be present for the birth of their child.

The new lives created by CSP’s services are the result of the desire, dedication, and hard work of the intended parents like you who want so much to begin a family. These children are truly born from the love in your minds and hearts. Surrogacy helps dreams come true for many individuals, gay or straight, and creates loving families all around.

We know and understand your experiences

Over the years, we have met many people just like you: caring individuals who find themselves unable to fulfill their dreams of a family in the usual way.

  • Many of our Intended Parents have undergone years of infertility treatments. Some were able to conceive, yet unable to carry the child through pregnancy, while others weren’t able to conceive at all.
  • CSP supports the rights of same-sex singles and couples to experience the joys of parenthood. Our philosophy dates back to 1989, when we helped our first gay couple become parents. Around 30% of the intended parents we work with are same-sex singles or couples. Our screening process helps us to match you with a surrogate who also supports that philosophy.
  • We’ve also worked with those Intended Parents who have undergone unsuccessful surrogate attempts – some through private arrangements and others who attempted surrogacy through other agencies.

Screenings for a perfect match

At CSP, we believe the most vital link in the surrogacy process is the one between the intended parents and the surrogate mother. We begin with the input of the surrogate mother, who chooses from a selection of intended parents, all of whom are a good match for her.

Those lovely ladies who were touched by your story and have selected you, are then presented to you. Intended parents and surrogate mothers are empowered because they select each other. Being comfortable with the match is an important component of successful surrogacy.

As intended parent(s), you will be given medical and personal background evaluations, as well as legal review and consultation. The surrogate mother also undergoes these screenings, assuring the intended parents of her physical and emotional capabilities to endure a pregnancy.

Understanding surrogacy compensation and financing

We insist on strict guidelines regarding compensation for surrogate mothers. We only accept surrogate mothers who are financially independent or employed, or whose husband or partner is employed. CSP does not accept any applicants for surrogacy whose income falls below the Federal Poverty Level guidelines.

By only selecting financially stable women, we are assured that each is choosing to be a surrogate for the right reasons – generosity and a genuine desire to help a intended parents or an individual have a child of their own – and that those reasons are not based upon monetary gain.

All financial agreements are carefully reviewed and agreed to by all parties and legally documented.

Furthermore, we understand the surrogacy costs can be daunting and possibly a challenge for the intended parents, so we have partnered with several fertility lenders to make financing an option for you.

Role of the parent

Surrogacy creates a unique bond between the intended parents and the surrogate mother. Together you’ll share the 9 months of pregnancy and the birth of your new baby. This is a momentous and joyous decision in your lives, and we know you’ll have many questions. You can be sure that we have answers because of our many years’ experience in the surrogacy field. CSP is always available to intended parents for questions and concerns at any point during this exciting journey.

If you feel that surrogacy is right for you, please feel free to contact us for additional information. We understand it is not only a significant financial commitment, but an emotional and psychological one as well, which is why we so strongly believe in the personalized attention we give you.

We want your experience with CSP to be as calm and relaxed as possible. The surrogacy path may seem like a long one but, in the end, it results in a lifelong gift and for generations to come!