International parents enjoy many benefits of US surrogacy

Men and women from all around the world come to the United States to make their dreams of parenthood come true. The many benefits of US surrogacy inspire international parents to visit the United States to pursue gestational surrogacy.

When you work with the Center for Surrogate Parenting, you’ll discover that our team makes US surrogacy safe, secure and successful for both intended parents and surrogates. The ability to work with our experienced team is just one of the many advantages of pursuing surrogacy in the United States.

The United States is one of the best countries to pursue surrogacy in

Many international parents believe that the United States is the best country to visit if you want to grow your family using surrogacy. Our team agrees because there are so many benefits of US surrogacy.

  • The United States offers legal, medical and social conditions that support family-building using gestational surrogacy.
  • Nearly all US states permit commercial surrogacy, or a surrogacy arrangement where the surrogate receives compensation for carrying and delivering a baby for someone else.
  • You and your partner (if applicable) will be the legal and physical parents of your child under US law.
  • Your child will receive a US birth certificate and can receive a US passport. Our attorneys will work with you to help you bring your baby home safely.

These benefits have inspired international parents from China to the United Kingdom to travel to the United States to become parents using surrogacy.

Working with our agency allows you to enjoy the benefits of US surrogacy

The Center for Surrogate Parenting has been working with intended parents and surrogates to create families for the last four decades. Our extensive experience with US surrogacy allows our team to help international parents enjoy all the advantages of US surrogacy. Not only that, but we also offer other benefits for intended parents from other countries.

  • Rigorous surrogate screening. Our agency requires all surrogates to meet strict guidelines and pass rigorous screening before they can help intended parents. This process requires each woman to complete thorough medical and psychological testing.
  • Comprehensive medical care. US surrogates have access to the world’s top hospitals and the most-advanced medical care. Knowing that their surrogate and baby will receive exceptional medical care provides international parents with peace of mind.
  • Strong financial security. Our agency is a reputable and well-established company. When you send money to us, it will be kept secure in a regulated account at an approved financial institution.

The benefits of US surrogacy and working with the Center for Surrogate Parenting come together to make parenthood possible for international parents.

Learn more about welcoming a baby using US surrogacy

If you want to learn more about US surrogacy, we invite you to contact us. The Center for Surrogate Parenting is happy to answer your questions about coming to the United States to pursue surrogacy as an international parent.