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Surrogacy for Cancer Survivors

Surrogacy for cancer survivors fulfills dreams of parenthood

Through surrogacy for cancer survivors, our US surrogacy agency helps make dreams of parenthood come true. Surrogacy gives hope to women and men who have been through cancer treatment that has limited their fertility or made it impossible to carry a pregnancy. It’s our honor to play a part in restoring hope by helping cancer survivors create and grow their families.

Why intended parents may need surrogacy for cancer survivors

Because cancer often requires intensive treatments, cancer patients can sometimes face fertility challenges.

Chemotherapy. This form of cancer treatment can damage a woman’s eggs or a man’s sperm. Many doctors now recommend that women freeze their eggs and men freeze their sperm before treatment begins. If the intended parent was not able to take advantage of fertility preservation through cryopreservation, donor eggs or sperm can be used to achieve pregnancy, along with surrogacy for cancer survivors if needed.

Radiation. Because radiation therapy often affects the pelvis or the entire abdomen, it can also damage eggs and sperm. Radiation could also have a negative effect on the uterus, making it difficult for a woman to carry a pregnancy.

Pelvic surgery. With some cancers, a woman needs surgery that can harm or remove reproductive structures, including the ovaries or uterus. If one or both ovaries are removed or damaged, donor eggs can help make pregnancy possible, while surrogacy empowers a cancer survivor to become a mom even when she cannot carry a pregnancy due to hysterectomy or uterine scarring.

Surgery or radiation therapy that affects the brain. If cancer treatment affects the pituitary gland, a woman could face fertility challenges because this gland releases hormones that affect ovulation and egg maturation. In men, the pituitary gland produces follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which affects sperm production.

Because navigating cancer can be an intense experience, our US surrogacy agency does everything possible to simplify your path to parenthood through surrogacy for cancer survivors. We have decades of experience guiding both men and women through this process, and we will stay by your side every step of the way, celebrating with you on the joyful day that you hold your new baby in your arms.

How we can help

If you require donor eggs or sperm, our US surrogacy agency can help you find just the right donor to help you achieve your goals. Through CSP’s exclusive partnership with Ovation® Donor Services, you can get immediate access to frozen donor eggs from a diverse selection of intensively pre-screened donors. And of course, we can also work with you to find the ideal surrogate and move forward at the pace that feels best for you.

While all single men and same-sex male couples will require a surrogate to become parents, moving forward with surrogacy can be a very emotional decision for some female cancer survivors. We understand that it might be difficult to create a new vision for how your baby will come into this world, and we promise to provide the utmost respect and compassion as we support you on this journey.

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