Discover the cost of surrogacy before starting your family-building journey

There’s a lot to think about when you want to welcome a baby using gestational surrogacy, and the cost of surrogacy is one of the biggest considerations. Many costs factor into what you’ll end up paying to use this family-building method. To help you understand these costs and make a financial plan to cover them, we’ve created this guide.

What items factor into the cost of surrogacy?

Many different professionals will assist you and your gestational surrogate. You’ll work with a surrogacy agency and a fertility doctor, also known as a reproductive endocrinologist. An attorney with expertise in family law and parental rights will also help you.

Fertility doctor. To conceive using gestational surrogacy, you’ll need to work with a fertility specialist and undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF). This multi-step process comes with several costs, including medications, monitoring fees, procedure costs and laboratory fees. If you use an egg donor or a sperm donor, this will be an additional cost of surrogacy.

Attorney. You’ll need an attorney to draft a gestational surrogacy contract that you and your surrogate will sign. He or she will also help you establish parentage after your child is born. Attorney fees are not included in CSP’s agency fee.

Insurance. Some surrogates come with their own insurance. However, there are options to purchase separate medical insurance plans to ensure the best medical coverage for your surrogate and child. Each surrogacy journey has a unique insurance coverage profile. At CSP, your case manager and financial coordinator will outline the specifics of your unique case for all insurance needs and identify your maximum out of pocket expectations.

Mental health. It is wise to have a mental health professional to provide support for surrogacy. This professional will start by helping with psychological screening. They can also facilitate meetings between you and your surrogates, manage support group meetings and provide emotional support throughout the process. At CSP, you’ll have an assigned mental health professional who will work with you and your surrogate. Keep in mind that mental health professional fees are outside of our agency fees.

Don’t forget about the agency fees

Surrogacy agency fees can vary depending on the agency and the services they perform. At CSP, the agency fees cover many services. Your individual case manager is an expert about all things related to surrogacy. This person will bring you into the program to prepare you for your matching process.

The agency fees include 24 months of case manager support to guide you through your journey. Your case manager will coordinate, advocate and manage everything from when you start with CSP through six months post-delivery.

In addition, the agency fees cover our efforts to find you the most qualified surrogate who is the perfect match for you. Our team prides itself on providing multiple profiles to both surrogates and intended parents to ensure the healthiest journey for your future child. Every surrogate has a unique cost breakdown, and CSP is transparent with the fees respective to your surrogate.

For more information, please reach out for a free consultation with a case manager to understand the intricacies of surrogacy costs. To make family-building more affordable, we can also connect you with fertility financing companies that we have partnered with. Contact us to learn more and receive an estimated cost sheet.